Listen: JOELEEN FEAT.CHRIS JAMES!-Get Close To You @joeleen @chrisjames @atlgravity

New Christmas Single! GET CLOSE TO YOU
Release Date 28thNovember 2013!
The Music that influenced Joeleen was the Classical Old School Music. For instance a lot of the 70’s Soul, Motown Music and a soft spot for Song Ballads, inspired the little girl while she was growing up.
Joeleen’s Mother always had sweet sounds of inspiration on around the house, and the little Joeleen “there and then” decided she wanted to Sing. Joeleen was only 4 Years old , and was deeply collecting information “Musically” while she was watching the “Soul Bands”that she was exposed to at the Time.
Her love for music grew stronger day by day, and Joeleen wrote her first Song at the age of Twelve, and is still writing Songs Today.
Joeleen on the 1st of September 2009, featured along side “PREMIER” Vocalist HOWARD HEWETT (Singer of the mid 70’s 80’s Legend Group called SHALAMAR!
Joeleen released her First CD “Welcome To My World” in 2012, and released one of the Songs “Shadows of Light and Darkness” from her Album as a Single, to help raise money for the (Children’s Fund) UNICEF.
Joeleen and The Legendary Chris James met on the 14th of July 2013 and decided there and then that they had to work together! Strangely Fate was at Work and Joeleen just the Day before on the 13th of July 2013 had Written the Song “Get Close To You”
The Vocals of Joeleen and Chris are a perfect combination of Warmth and Joy that will definitely put you into The CHRISTMAS Spirit!

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Juven- Freakshow 2 @spacedoutjuven @jefjonsin @atlgravity

Artist & Producer: Juven
Location: San Franciso, CA
Song Title: Freakshow 2
Featuring: Jef Jon Sin //

Album: Unreleased Data Tape // Drops 11.19.2013
Twitter: // Facebook
& YouTube: Spacedoutjuven

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While Jef Jon Sin’s on the Nappy Roots‘ Rollin Stoned Tour, Jef drops a verse on Juven’s “Freakshow 2”. Unreleased Data Tape drops on the 19th. The tape will be hosted by Coast 2 Coast’s DJ Thomas Handsome.

Al B Sure- Night and Day @albsure @nightandday @atlgravity

Al B Sure! – Night and Day (C) 1988 Warner Bros. Records


Listen: Ahsh Eff- The Wrath of Young Ursulah @AhshEffTV @atlgravity #KeepUpWithAhshEff @ahshEFF


Throwback: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- I wonder If I Take You Home @lisalisacultjam @atlgravity

Music video by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam;Full Force performing I Wonder If I Take You Home. (C) 1984 Personal Records Inc.


Watch: Yung Gleesh ft. Yung Lean “Its Sad Boy” Official Video @yungleann @yung_gleesh @atlgravity

Produced by: Yung Sherman & White Armor

New New Fav Rapper Cover
Yung Gleesh and Yung Lean couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, but they’re not incompatible—they form a polarity, twin orbiting stars illuminating strange new quadrants of our post-based nebula. For them to jump on the same track initiates a black hole, destroying the last threads of a paradigm in which rap belongs to anyone other than kids with dreams and computers. This is year zero. Check out our interview with Gleesh below for a glimpse into the DC spitter’s views on girls, skipping school, and bringing multiple personalities to the club.

Noisey: What does the word Gleetchie mean to you?
Yung Gleesh: It has two types of meanings, T.I and T.I.P and shit, there’s Gleesh, there’s Shitbag, and there’s Gleetchie. When I’m off my Shitbag shit I’m gettin’ ratchet, I don’t care about nothing. Gleetchie is my other persona, when I’m cleaned up, looking like money, feeling like money, I’m Gleetchie, you know what im saying. Everything gleetchie.

If all of your different personas were to hang out in one room what would that be like?
[Laughs] One of them would be quiet, one of them would be loud, one of them would be goofy.

If they all went to the club who get the most attention from girls?
Shitbag don’t give a fuck about none of those bitches, he’s just worried about getting money and all of that other shit. Gleesh ain’t really care. Gleetchie aint even looking at the bitches, he’s looking past the bitches. He’s looking cool and calm.

Is that all of your personas or do you have more that wouldn’t even come to the club?
I think I’d leave Shitbag outside the club. He gon’ post up. He make sure ain’t nobody playing no games, none of that stupid stuff. I’m gonna get home safe with Shitbag outside.

If each one of your personas had a car that defined them which would they have?
Gleetchie would ride around in a fuckin’ Bugatti, shining. Shitbag ridin’ around in a black suburban, black tint. Gleesh would probably be chauffered in a fuckin’ limo, or jet.

What’s the craziest show you’ve ever done?
Two days ago we broke a house. The floor was bouta fall through the basement if we had kept going. We broke the building.

Were they mad?
Nah, they proud, it’s like a war scar. They know Gleesh came over.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you after a show on tour?
I ain’t gon say the details, cause I ain’t supposed to be talkin’, but I’ve seen some girls gone wild in a few states, a few different places. Girls gone wild after the show.

What’s the craziest state for girls going wild?
I wanna say Jersey girls go crazy, but North Carolina girls they go the fuck in, and them Atlanta girls too. But when I talk to people from other places they say they like DC girls, but I don’t even know.

You couldn’t specify what makes a DC girl special?
Well…I could. DC girls, I don’t know if you’ve been to New York, but New York girls got they own slang and swag. DC girls is the same way, as in they got they own style and talk and way they talk.

What was your swag in middle school?<
Thats when I first skipped school in junior high. I ain’t even know what I was doing. i would leave but I couldn’t go nowhere, my mom was at home, so I’d break back into the school property. Security laughing, shakin’ they heads.

What was high school like?
That shit was turnt up, I miss that shit. I have dreams about school, that’s how much I miss it. I ain’t really go to class, I was there for other shit. I miss school though. Fuck college.

You didn’t go to college?
I went for like two years but I never even finish college or do anything with that shit.

Did you go to high school prom?
Nah, I ain’t have school spirit. Never catch me at the pep rallies, never see me in the auditorium, I never go on field trips. If everyone’s going on a field trip I’m going home. If there’s anything other than going to school, going to class, going to recess, I’m going home, you got me fucked up.

You recently shot a video in Chief Keef’s mansion. What does that look like?
It’s cool, man. It’s like a lil’ nigga finally got some money. He just trying to party, he doesn’t care what people think.

How would you decorate your dream mansion?
I’d have couches everywhere. I’ll have head scratchers, back scratchers, weed rollers, a Segway lane in the hallway so I don’t have to walk anywhere. Yo, when I get the money, you gon’ be the first one I call to come see my mansion. I’m gonna call Ezra, and be like, come ride the segway.

Tell me about your upcoming mixtape, ‘Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper.’
Anyone you think is your favorite rapper is going to be on there. It’s a new sound, cause there’s beats and sounds that are more compatible with some of the artists that are featuring on the tape, and I’m gonna jump on that and kill it as hard as they do.

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Yung Gleesh Aint Shit Changed

Yung Lean Unkown Death 2002

“It’s Sad Boy” produced by Yung Sherman and White Armor

Coming Soon – Yung Gleesh “Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Rapper” Mixtape

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Watch: Ms. Jade Talks “Beautiful Mess” Project Dropping in 2014 & more with HHS1987 @TheRealMsJade @HipHopSince1987 @RickDange @atlgravity

HHS1987 catches up with Philly legend, Ms. Jade. Jade talks to HHS1987 about her new project dropping in 2014 called “Beautiful Mess.” Jade talks about the challenges around female artists getting a record deal, and so much more. This video was shot by HHS1987’s Rick Dange.


Watch: @Celeste Buckingham- #runrunrun @atlgravity

© 2012 CelesteBuckingham
This song is available on ITUNES & AMAZON

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WAtch: Prince Roc- MCF @princeroc_YMG @atlgravity


PrinceRoc (@PrinceRoc_YMG) – MCF (feat. Kshaun)

Checkout this hot new artist from Sumter, SC PrinceRoc! Inspired by great the Notorious B.I.G. and Drake, watch this 20 year old rising star in “MCF” or “Merk-City’s Finest” featuring fellow Sumter artist Kshaun.

Follow PrinceRoc!!!!
twitter: @PrinceRoc_YMG
Instagram: PrinceRoc_YungstarMusic


Watch: Young Lye- Don’t Give Up The Struggle @YoungLye @Stack_Large @atlgravity

October 21, 2013(New York, NY) — This teenage wordsmith from the BX has been catching the attention of lot of important ears in the industry and now his visuals are catching eyes too. After Young Lye offered up the vids for the singles “Jordans” and “Drop It 2 Da Floor”, both of which have received over 200K views on YouTube, he’s now releasing the video to “Don’t Give Up The Struggle”, a ode of positivity that’s been missing on today’s music scene.
Young Lion is scheduled for a landmark career move, with a live performance at Mad Wednesdays at The Shrine in Harlem hosted by the originator of Mad Wednesdays, Marie Davis. In case you don’t recall, Ms. Davis made an appearance in Jay-Z‘s classic “Reasonable Doubt” album. Yes, it’s that serious.

young lye

Twitter – @YoungLye @Stack_Large
FB – Young Lye Jimmy Clarke
IG – YoungLye
Website –


Watch: Red McFly-Can’t Sleep @redmcfly @cantsleep #cantsleep @atlgravity


How does a virtually unknown artist/producer gain international exposure almost over night with no major label backing? They religiously grind until they catch the eyes and ears of someone who can financially appreciate the work they’ve put in. That’s basically the strategy of Allentown, PA. based producer Red McFly and his latest offering is a visual from his recently released mixtape “Take Flight” entitled “Can’t Sleep”. From the reception of his Evil Empire generated project, it looks like McFly’s way is working.

The Coke Boys producer has put together hits from behind the boards on hood goodies such as French Montana‘s Mac N Cheese series, numerous Chinx Drugz & co. material, and Red produced tracks for both The Game and Shyne during their recent back and forth battle on record. The award winning, up and coming double threat is predicted to be one of the most sought after young producers of 2014.


Listen: JBalvin- LaFamilia @jbalvin #lafamilia @reggaeton @atlgravity

J Balvin - La Familia Album Download

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La Venganza
Dejate Llevar
Mil Fantasias
Am ft Farruko
Lose Control ft Vein
Eras asi
What A Creation
Bajo La Luna
Live In Stereo ft Motiff Porque Tu
Yo Te Lo Dije

Listen: Kara Juelz- Throwback Thursday Mixtape (90s female edition) @KaraJuelz @atlgravity

Kara Juélz Releases Mixtape

Throwback Thursday Mixtape Series- 1990's Female Edition

“Throwback Thursday Mixtape Series: 1990’s Female Edition”

Los Angeles, CA October 24, 2013 — The New Orleans native Los Angeles living rap artist Kara Juélzintroduces the first edition of her “pay homage” #TBTMixtape Series: 1990’s Female Edition. The tape carries a 90s feel with Kara’s smooth rhyme patterns and industry tracks all done by females of the hip-hop, rap, r&b, and pop genres. This feel good mixtape discusses female strengthening topics as well as real life obstacles females face. Lookout for a video for “On & On Remix” COMING




Listen: Snoop Dogg-That’s My Work 2 (Hosted by DJ Drama) @snoopdogg @djdrama #thatsmywork @atlgravity @doggystyle

Snoop Dogg - Thats My Work 2 Mixtape Download
[polldaddy poll=7242040]Intro Tha Dogg In Me
Bad 4 Me
Iza No Order Affair
Let the K Spray
Daylyric- Take Your Time Faddin
Mad Lucci-Catch Me In Traffic
All My Hoes ft Suga Free
The Broadus Boyz-Ball Til We Ball
Passenger Seat
Because Im Black
LA LA LA Remix
Let Me Explain ft Erick Sermon/ Method Man
Panties Off
Iza Whats The Difference Groove Thang
No Regrets
Bonus Outro

Check Them Out: Kmart’s Da Rich Kidzz- Swaggpack @darichkidzz @atlgravity


Kmart‘s Da Rich Kidzz has been a internet phenomenon lately. Dominating the web with the “My Limo” record and all over television, they hit the internet with another one with the latest new record “Swaggpack”

The soundcloud link & mp3 along with a photo is attached for posting. If posted please send link back.