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Come. Dance. Freak. Body and soul will groove to the innovative and energetic sound of Madame Freak & The Funky Fever. The unconventional but musically talented group consists of powerhouse jazz/soul singer Jessi Teich and an eclectic jazz/indie group from Europe. The band formed after a chance meeting in a medieval era practice studio set two floors underground in the middle of Paris. The result is funky, soulful, sexy, and straight up dance music. Their highly anticipated debut album was released on July 19, 2013 and the band is now touring the East Coast. Madame Freak and The Funky Fever are excited to share this new and fresh take on live dance music with the world. Review: “I’ve produced and remixed some of the biggest acts in music over the last 15 years and it’s rare that I get excited over a new breakout act. However, Madame Freak & The Funky Fever bring some amazingly cool, inno vative and unique elements to the table that are sure to turn heads and keep the listener thoroughly entertained!” ~ Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore, Multi-Platinum Producer/Remixer For more information contact: Jefferson Green Madame Freak Records LLC 215-866-6910