Hip Hop Vibe @hiphopvibe1 Exclusive Thurz @Thurzday interview with DJ Kid Fresh @djkidfresh @atlgravity

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Last month, Thurz (@Thurzday) took some time out to meet up with DJ Kid Fresh (@djkidfresh1) for Hip Hop Vibe (@HipHopVibe1) and they did an interview discussing his new album, Blood on the Canvas, and he also weighed it against his 2011 solo debut, L.A. Riot.

Check Them Out: MdotforMayor- Give It to You Ft Asia Shabazz & Thurz @MdotforMayor @Thurzday @ themodelssuckproject.com

Give It To You Artwork
MdotforMayor keeps it in LA with his latest feature, connecting with Mr. hardwork himself, Thurz. The beautiful Asia Shabazz serenades us on Give It To You, which is definitely inspired by the 90’s, and the feel good vibe, music from that time period carried.  Enjoy the last few months of summer, with the latest single off the ModelsSuck album.  Production courtesy of @MdotforMayor and mixed by Jhair Lazo at Penthouse Recording Studio. Exclusive artist interviews, behind the scenes footage, studio sessions, etc. can all be viewed @ themodelssuckproject.com