Check Them Out: Ta’i Kash’s- Versace @WeTheVillains @DennyBoyScrewed @atlgravity

Ta’i Kash’s “Versace
V-Mix. The Migos’ hit single has been gaining a lot of buzz,
so we figured why not kill it before the rest of the world attempts.
Directed by Jerome Murray the video includes clips from a real
Versace campaign. The original beat was produced by Zaytoven, but
up-an-coming producer Denny Boy took it upon himself to remake it.
Less than a minute long, but full of witty bars, Ta’i pays homage to
the Rock and his wild Versace fetish in the 90s.
Hope you enjoy!

Check Them Out: Maryann “Love Music” @xtraordinaryann @N8thegr8cuf @atlgravity

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Dir: N8 the Gr8

Edited: Maryann

Produced:N8 the Gr8

Written by: Maryann & N8 the Gr8
Hot off the heels of her Dub style Rap release “Nothing You Could Say”, Maryann shows that she’s still rocking with the sexy Bedroom trap style her and producer N8 the Gr8 created.  Something for the fans of her “Timing is Everything” album, but spacey enough for her new “Futuristic Always” project.  “Love Music” is an ode to 90’s R&B, but definitely has it’s own appeal.  With a visual to match this “Baby-making” track might find you doing just that.  Enjoy!