Listen: \YOUNG PRETTY [@YOUNGPRETTYNYC] feat. LL Cool J [@LLCoolJ] “Queens Get The Money” @atlgravity


Queens rising star Young Pretty is back, and this time, he’s brought the lip-licking legend LL Cool J along for the ride.
For this track, Pretty shows his Queens pride with “Queens Get The Money.”
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Watch: Yung Gleesh ft. Yung Lean “Its Sad Boy” Official Video @yungleann @yung_gleesh @atlgravity

Produced by: Yung Sherman & White Armor

New New Fav Rapper Cover
Yung Gleesh and Yung Lean couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, but they’re not incompatible—they form a polarity, twin orbiting stars illuminating strange new quadrants of our post-based nebula. For them to jump on the same track initiates a black hole, destroying the last threads of a paradigm in which rap belongs to anyone other than kids with dreams and computers. This is year zero. Check out our interview with Gleesh below for a glimpse into the DC spitter’s views on girls, skipping school, and bringing multiple personalities to the club.

Noisey: What does the word Gleetchie mean to you?
Yung Gleesh: It has two types of meanings, T.I and T.I.P and shit, there’s Gleesh, there’s Shitbag, and there’s Gleetchie. When I’m off my Shitbag shit I’m gettin’ ratchet, I don’t care about nothing. Gleetchie is my other persona, when I’m cleaned up, looking like money, feeling like money, I’m Gleetchie, you know what im saying. Everything gleetchie.

If all of your different personas were to hang out in one room what would that be like?
[Laughs] One of them would be quiet, one of them would be loud, one of them would be goofy.

If they all went to the club who get the most attention from girls?
Shitbag don’t give a fuck about none of those bitches, he’s just worried about getting money and all of that other shit. Gleesh ain’t really care. Gleetchie aint even looking at the bitches, he’s looking past the bitches. He’s looking cool and calm.

Is that all of your personas or do you have more that wouldn’t even come to the club?
I think I’d leave Shitbag outside the club. He gon’ post up. He make sure ain’t nobody playing no games, none of that stupid stuff. I’m gonna get home safe with Shitbag outside.

If each one of your personas had a car that defined them which would they have?
Gleetchie would ride around in a fuckin’ Bugatti, shining. Shitbag ridin’ around in a black suburban, black tint. Gleesh would probably be chauffered in a fuckin’ limo, or jet.

What’s the craziest show you’ve ever done?
Two days ago we broke a house. The floor was bouta fall through the basement if we had kept going. We broke the building.

Were they mad?
Nah, they proud, it’s like a war scar. They know Gleesh came over.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you after a show on tour?
I ain’t gon say the details, cause I ain’t supposed to be talkin’, but I’ve seen some girls gone wild in a few states, a few different places. Girls gone wild after the show.

What’s the craziest state for girls going wild?
I wanna say Jersey girls go crazy, but North Carolina girls they go the fuck in, and them Atlanta girls too. But when I talk to people from other places they say they like DC girls, but I don’t even know.

You couldn’t specify what makes a DC girl special?
Well…I could. DC girls, I don’t know if you’ve been to New York, but New York girls got they own slang and swag. DC girls is the same way, as in they got they own style and talk and way they talk.

What was your swag in middle school?<
Thats when I first skipped school in junior high. I ain’t even know what I was doing. i would leave but I couldn’t go nowhere, my mom was at home, so I’d break back into the school property. Security laughing, shakin’ they heads.

What was high school like?
That shit was turnt up, I miss that shit. I have dreams about school, that’s how much I miss it. I ain’t really go to class, I was there for other shit. I miss school though. Fuck college.

You didn’t go to college?
I went for like two years but I never even finish college or do anything with that shit.

Did you go to high school prom?
Nah, I ain’t have school spirit. Never catch me at the pep rallies, never see me in the auditorium, I never go on field trips. If everyone’s going on a field trip I’m going home. If there’s anything other than going to school, going to class, going to recess, I’m going home, you got me fucked up.

You recently shot a video in Chief Keef’s mansion. What does that look like?
It’s cool, man. It’s like a lil’ nigga finally got some money. He just trying to party, he doesn’t care what people think.

How would you decorate your dream mansion?
I’d have couches everywhere. I’ll have head scratchers, back scratchers, weed rollers, a Segway lane in the hallway so I don’t have to walk anywhere. Yo, when I get the money, you gon’ be the first one I call to come see my mansion. I’m gonna call Ezra, and be like, come ride the segway.

Tell me about your upcoming mixtape, ‘Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper.’
Anyone you think is your favorite rapper is going to be on there. It’s a new sound, cause there’s beats and sounds that are more compatible with some of the artists that are featuring on the tape, and I’m gonna jump on that and kill it as hard as they do.

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Yung Gleesh Aint Shit Changed

Yung Lean Unkown Death 2002

“It’s Sad Boy” produced by Yung Sherman and White Armor

Coming Soon – Yung Gleesh “Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Rapper” Mixtape

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Watch: Young Lye- Don’t Give Up The Struggle @YoungLye @Stack_Large @atlgravity

October 21, 2013(New York, NY) — This teenage wordsmith from the BX has been catching the attention of lot of important ears in the industry and now his visuals are catching eyes too. After Young Lye offered up the vids for the singles “Jordans” and “Drop It 2 Da Floor”, both of which have received over 200K views on YouTube, he’s now releasing the video to “Don’t Give Up The Struggle”, a ode of positivity that’s been missing on today’s music scene.
Young Lion is scheduled for a landmark career move, with a live performance at Mad Wednesdays at The Shrine in Harlem hosted by the originator of Mad Wednesdays, Marie Davis. In case you don’t recall, Ms. Davis made an appearance in Jay-Z‘s classic “Reasonable Doubt” album. Yes, it’s that serious.

young lye

Twitter – @YoungLye @Stack_Large
FB – Young Lye Jimmy Clarke
IG – YoungLye
Website –


Watch: gaVen heVy- Crab Legs @gaVenheVy @crablegs @atlgravity

gaVen heVy – Crab Legs from INeverRapped2BCool on Vimeo.

. .

New York based audio/visual artist gaVen heVy. I’m writing to send you gaVen’s new music video for his highly acclaimed record “Crab Legs” that he released earlier this year. The video was directed & edited by gaVen himself and serves as promo to his debut EP entitled “…Dedicated to Her” which will be released on New Years day. If there’s anything else that you would like to know, be sure to let me know. Thanks a lot in advance. Stay in touch. gaVen heVy Online:




Iron Bars 1k

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In preparation for the 2nd installment of DJ Jesaya and Flaming Monkey’s “Operation Hope” compilation and his own “Initial Entry” mixtape, recently minted Los Angeles (by way of Chicago) emcee, Savant aka Stanstro unites with hip hop legend Kool G Rap, NY rap staple Papoose and Flaming Monkey flagship Swiss barsmith Justin Tyme over an orotund J.Cardim sonic backdrop.


Savant aka Stanstro
Musician | Emcee | Composer
RAREBREED | Nerdy Rotten Scoundrels | Evil Twin Records
Peerless Recordings | Room 2 Productions
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Check Them Out: Local-Mu12 Ft. Skyzoo – “Champion” @skyzoo @LocalMu12 @LoyaltyDigital @atlgravity


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“Champion” – The latest release from Local-Mu12 (Stryfe & Broadway Barrett) featuring Skyzoo, has all the makings of an anthem. From the theatrical beat, provided by Real McKoy, to the boastful lyrics and energetic delivery, “Champion” is undoubtedly exactly what winning sounds like. Local-Mu12 will be dropping their debut album LABOR DAY on 9/3/13

What would happen if, along the quest for their dreams, a collective of like-minded independent Hip-Hop musicians joined forces in an effort to push their careers along while retaining their individual identities and career aspirations? This may not sound like such a foreign concept, but what we’re talking about here isn’t your average rap crew. LOCAL-Mu12 is much more than that. It is a brotherhood forged on the foundation of the mutual understanding that the music can’t get right until the business is.
The collective came together in early 2012 when artist/producer/engineer William Fokis Heredia recruited a group of young, talented emcees and producers from around the country who he had worked with in the past. He knew that this group of nine (including himself), that shared the undeniable talent, dedication and passion necessary for success in the music business. His idea was to pool their resources and begin operating like a union: a professional organization constantly seeking ways to help each member of the collective move forward. Today, LOCAL-Mu12 stands together as exactly what Fokis had envisioned, with each of its 9 members having grown artistically and professionally, their sounds each being molded by the group’s multicultural, cross-regional makeup; and their careers having been boosted by gaining access to tools, industry professionals and collaborators they might not have had access to, had they not been together. Now, LOCAL-Mu12 is ready to show the world just what the strength in their numbers sounds like. On September 3rd, the collective will release its first full length project, the aptly titled Labor Day. Featuring all in-house production and only three guest appearances – New York emcees Torae & Skyzoo, and Chicago’s GLC – the project is a total representation of exactly what LOCAL-Mu12 stands for. Theirs is that Blue Collar rap. It’s the working man’s Hip-Hop: relate-able both in its realness in documenting the harshness of life, and its levity in celebrating the joys. Currently Local-Mu12 consists of: Stryfe (Detroit), TJ (California), MoodsandVibrations (MD), Real McKoy (NC), RP (NY), The 17th (CT), Broadway Barrett (NY), Son-Ray (NY) and Fokis (NY). With new members being added you can be sure to expect to hear a lot more from Local-Mu12 in the very near future.


Check Them Out: High Hopes Band- High Hopes EP 2013 #reggae @atlgravity @highhopesband


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The High Hopes Band release their self-titled EP on July 23rd 2013 through The High Hopes Band have spent the last two years touring the Northeast as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands. High Hopes Band EP release holds true to their claimed influence of 70’s reggae.

The EP drives forward with the excellent songwriting and catchy rootical hooks. The EP features a diverse spectrum of Reggae sounds, from the pining of Sebastian Franks‘ “Sucka” and “Brown Rice” to the laid back R&B influenced feel of, “So Good”.

NY Social Status has said “Based on sheer music production alone, the members of High Hopes Band are definitely operating on the same frequency, and it’s such a pleasant one. Check them out. Or don’t. You can explain that mistake to your eardrums later.”

High Hopes is releasing the EP independently on their own label, Straight Forward Records. The EP is available from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and many other online stores. Regarding the EP project, Jason Dick, singer & guitarist states, “It’s been about the relationships with people and really understanding that music is a whole other realm,” he explains. “Being in music is like being in another realm itself. For each individual person it’s just a bonding experience, especially when you get a group of people together that have the same frequency.”

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Check Them Out: Old Money- Fire in the Dark Mixtape @oldmoneycrime @atlgravity


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Old Money is an NYC based rap/electronic duo that incorporates tropical influences into our music. We’ve been fortunate enough to be covered by VICE, SPINInterview Magazine and more…..

Check out Hot Soda ft Kool A.D.




“If you toned down Kanye West’s ego and turned up his sonic experimentation and then coupled that with some of Yasiin Bey’s lyrical content, you’d arrive at something that sounds a lot like Old Money.” -VICE

After well received single premieres at SPIN Magazine and FACT,  Old Money releases their debut via Dutty Artz and A.L.I.E.N. NYC. Stream it now in it’s entirety at VICE and download it here.

photo by @KingTexas

Bio: Ahmad Julian and Andre Oswald are Old Money, a New York based rap, production and DJ duo of Jamaican and Guyanese origins. Their music incorporates the sounds of contemporary Africa such as UK Funky, Dancehall, Kwaito, Kuduro and Hip-Hop while remaining rooted in traditions of pan-African philosophy. In this way, their output remains dynamic and cutting-edge, while also taking on a mystical bend – influenced by fringe spiritual orders like the Nuwaubians, the Moors, NOI, and The 5 Percenters, as well as science fiction novels by author Octavia Butler…(continued here)

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Old Money

172 Attorney Street

New York, NY 10002

Rock the Wah Wah- check it out @atlgravity

Rock The Wah Wah
(Inspirational teaser montage video – click link below. We would love a mention/video link on your blog/media outlet)
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‘You Are Somebody’ (320 kbps)


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Video and MP3 for your Websites, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Blog-sites or just for your listening pleasure.

In preparation for long overdue Wah Wah Collective album check out our new album teaser ‘Rock The Wah Wah’. We have also provided a link for a FREE track ‘You are somebody (Eternal Inspiration) – an inspirational joint to play when times get hard. A little Wah Wah Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody.

The Wah album features over fourteen tracks from various artists we have worked with over the years caressed in nusoul, urban dance, hip hop beats and latin grooves all coming together to create an eclectic treatment. Many of our original vinyl releases distributed by UK labels Kudos Records and Goya music have finally been remastered for the CD album. The album is scheduled to drop in late 2013 but before then feelers will be sent out to all you funky cats… stay tuned.

Dom Servini, Straight No Chaser (Magazine)
Singles Review  ‘ Tell Me Why’

” ‘Not to be confused with the record label with the same name, The Wah Wah Collective come through with their second 12” release, and it’s the best so far. Fiona Faye’s vocals fit really nicely in to this downtempo jazz ditty with its tender fender rhodes and soulful strings. Perfect after-hours listening.”

The Wah Wah Collective is right now what you could call a Trans-Atlantic group with beats from London & France and with vocals and production also stemming from Italy and the US. The Wah released vinyl only EP’s and Singles in the mid-00’s gaining some notoriety for their mixture of neo-soul with alternative dance. Several titles from the Wah Wah Collective roster were supported with UK Regional Radio airplay on shows such as Rosie Kendrick (Late Lounge) (Jazz/Smooth 102.2 FM (UK)), Patrick Forge (The Cosmic Jam – Kiss 100 FM (London)) and also on US radio with Rafe Gomez, The Groove Boutique Jazz show on KJZY FM (New York).

More Details:

Artist:   Wah Wah Collective
Label:    I-innovate (UK)
Scheduled album release date:   Fall 2013 (Autumn)
Genre: Nusoul, Hip hop, Latin grooves, Nujazz, Breaks & Eclectic Rhythms
Format (s): digital download (iTunes/Amazon etc) & CD Album Release supported with 12′ Vinyl re-issues

Contact: : [mail]  /   [tel]  44 07956-921313

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