Watch: Jung Phil- United @jungphil609 @atlgravity @united

“Due to the growing controversy over Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman, I decided to write a song to support the Martin family and movement. It’s sad to see that even in 2012-2013 we still have issues, and I mean serious issues, with racial discrimination in the United States. A CHILD lost his life for going to the corner store for a snack, millions of other children around the world are doing this right now and they shouldn’t be worried they won’t make it back home safely because of the color of their skin. The fact that his murderer is walking around with the same freedoms as you or I, COMPELLED me to write this song! I am/was inspired by all of the support the Martin family has received, black, white and otherwise. Watch my new video of, “United,” let us know what you think about the message of unity I am trying to portray to the nation and world. This was a wake up call that racial discrimination is still prevalent and a part of our culture. BUT, I was equally inspired when I saw just as many white people supporting and protesting this cause as my black brothers and sisters. Please don’t let this precious life be forgotten! If we stand “UNITED” his life will live on and his legacy will be preserved!” ~Jung Phil


Title: United
Artist: Jung Phil
Release Date: June, 27th 2013 via iTunes & all digital stores worldwide.
UPC: 859709975658
Primary Genre:
Hip Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre:

Manager Contact: Joanna Haughton
(412) 414-4346
(412) 505-3588


Watch: Kyle Young- Back Burner — #yrdigirec @kyleyoung @atlgravity

Beat produced by: Stiles


I’m eating rappers like it’s dinner for a slave
No stealing chickens so I’ve never been afraid
Now this that undeniable thunder fire flow
Punch you while my eyes are closed plucking down the highest folks
Jungle in some lion clothes, tumbled then I eyed her phone
luckily she like to bone, fucking in a private zone
blunted up or pirate cone, she sucking as she drive me home
her bucket got a tire blown, hunting for a Firestone
filthy wishin for riches, killing industry niggas
appealing millions of bitches, don’t deal with envious snitches
don’t got a job, but I still get by
ain’t got a dime, but I still get high
uh, ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly
uh, you got a prob’, need to chill home boy
innovative, independent, indecisive, intermission
intercourse, with interesting women who love it in their cores
this beat ain’t mine it’s yours, you feel it in your pores
it reaches deep, fries, shorts, and then the heat absorbs
your head just starts knockin, dead is just not an option
im like a red toxin, and like im bred oxen
since im the best talkin, niggas could get to walking
my many skills will give you thoughts like forget Hopsin,
Boston, Massachusetts got a problem child
he smoke drink cuss and fight and they call him Kyle
mean dude when you play with the dough
know a spot in California near the Lakers, yo
plus a shop with all the ganja yeah that fuego ‘dro
drive South down the border viva Mexico
uh, ain’t got a mom but I suck milk dry,
ain’t got a car but I still got drive
uh, ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly, uh
you got a prob’ need to chill home boy


Verse 2:
yo, uh, smoking blunts of shitty marijuana
had to do it, gotta toke while barely getting dollars
life is hard, staying up, making family honor
I can barely stand the rain, I’m playing till my Grammy hour
Family Dollar chips, cold cup of faucet water
I know a sax player sad as fuck he lost his father
my temper’s shorter than mini-me underwater
I kill my enemies by conceiving their daughters
I’ll beat you senseless with pillow cases of hornets
they flipping pigeons so niggas can pay the mortgage
tipping vending machines stealing the quarters
I’d love to write fuck you on my forehead
my hip hopped, so I’m stayin alive
ain’t got a rock but I still take mine
ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly
you got a prob’ need to chill home boy
huh, couldn’t take the heat so I killed kaywhy
now I’m back on my feet, and unveiled K’s rhymes
seen the light 8 times, beast drive makes 9
if you wanna beat the best you must defeat they grind, pirate

Rap genius lyric explanation:…

Listen: Yung Fliiboy [@YungFliiboy] feat. @YoungPrettyNYC — “Green Light” @atlgravity

Yung Fliiboy feat. @YoungPrettyNYC — “Green Light”

green light artwork

Queens rapper Yung Fliiboy is back with a new “banger” from his upcoming mixtape, Fliiboy Radio Part 1. This time, he teams up with fellow Queens native Young Pretty to deliver warning shots with “Green Light” over a Cardiak-produced beat.
Fliiboy is best known for his appearances in XXL and all across college radio. He also performed live at The Howard Theatre in Washington, DC, as part of the XXL Eye Candy Tour, and was featured on MTV as part of his participation in the “Rep The Code” project, where he also hosted an official pre-VMA’s industry party that brought over 1,000 people through the door.


Watch: Bizzy Crook- Amnesia @bizzycrook @atlgravity

The Miami rapper Bizzy Crook has been running thru the NYC streets doing a bunch of promo since his project 84′ has been released, with his single “No Reason” hitting the radio & clubs, to hosting parties, to headlinging his 1st show which the Source Mag covered, to hitting up Shade 45, and a numerous amount of blog interviews. Bizzy is working to show the world he belongs and can compete with not only the new elite artists but the stars we love. Check out the newest video off of 84′ called “Amnesia”. The year of 84′ is now!!!


Feeling That Type of Way: Rich Homie Quan Talks New Mixtape, Production, Future & New Album (Video)- @RichHomieQuan @HipHopSince1987 @EMoneybeatz/ @BeatemupMoney @BWyche/ @BWyche1987 @atlgravity

While in New York City, HHS1987 caught up with T.I.G’s own Rich Homie Quan
to discuss an array of things. Rich Homie Quan discussed his upcoming and
final mixtape “I Promise I’ll Never Stop Goin In”, working on his debut
album, the pressure of following up his hit single “Type of Way”, as well
as possible features with Future and Drake. Rich Homie Quan also took the
time to acknowledge some of his peers in the music industry who have
reached out and let him know they appreciate his love for the craft. The
interview was conducted by HHS1987’s E Money and the interview was shot by
HHS1987’s BWyche.

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Straight from North Philly: The Demon$- Umma Have It all @opalockaghome @atlgravity #umma have it all

The Demon$-Hell on earth
Umma Have It All

Our Mixtape “hell on earth” will be coming soon which we will freestyle over legendary hip hop beats showcasing our unique styles.

Group:The Demon$
Song:Umma have it all


Listen: Mc Norman- Why ft Aggie Cox @mcnorman @aggiecox @atlgravity #why


Mc Norman Feat Aggie Cox 2013 new music and African style Email:

Born to Mr. Eddy Ganja, a Ugandan music legend, Soloist and vocalist with the Afrigo band, Mc Norman real names Mutebi Norman at the age of 12 started off his music career in Afrigo band working with Joanita Kawalya and Peterson Mutebi way back in 1987.
He later joined mm disco sound, Missouri night club and worked with guyz like the late ivan matama, dj lubba style and Rhino kalemba before joining Jose chameleon and Dj bernazor as dancers and Mcs for Missouri club every Wednesday and Friday.
Mc Norman is a widely acknowledged Mc after working with Sam Amooti and paddy at Jaaja Ansinansi and working at vibration disco club alongside junior plies compious, dj Roberto, dj Henry and Lota back in the days.
He joined his brother and former Bakayimbira Dramactors actor Philip Ganja in South Africa in 1998 after briefly working at vibes sound.
Together with his brother, Norman started a music and films Production company under their father’s name “Ganja” music production to basically help upgrade talent.
The two brothers have worked with some of the top South African Kwaito artists including Arthur Mafokate, the late Zombo, Purity and Penny penny the Shangani music star.
Their Film Company has produced movies like “welcome to south Africa” which sold up to 2million copies in Uganda and 5000 copies in South Africa on the day of its release. They also produced “Buladina”, a tribute film about the life of fallen star Paul Kafero.
Mc Norman released singles like “Nkwata mpola, Akajanjalo akeru, Hamba Ne ntombizakho and his latest singles like: sweet babe,Why,Bam bam and many more.

Listen: Yung Stizz X Moneey Aiir X Hezzie Hez – Stupid @YungStizzy150 @MoneeyAiir @HezzieHez @DoobiRoc @atlgravity

Yung Stizz X Moneey Aiir X Hezzie Hez – Stupid


Track Produced by Yung Stizz

Watch: gaVen heVy- Crab Legs @gaVenheVy @crablegs @atlgravity

gaVen heVy – Crab Legs from INeverRapped2BCool on Vimeo.

. .

New York based audio/visual artist gaVen heVy. I’m writing to send you gaVen’s new music video for his highly acclaimed record “Crab Legs” that he released earlier this year. The video was directed & edited by gaVen himself and serves as promo to his debut EP entitled “…Dedicated to Her” which will be released on New Years day. If there’s anything else that you would like to know, be sure to let me know. Thanks a lot in advance. Stay in touch. gaVen heVy Online:

Spread Of The Black Plague – Mix Tape Ft. Red Cafe, Chinx Drugz & More @blacktearzprod @atlgravity

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Joe Black is one of the freshest producers on the rise coming out of NYC. Today Joe Black has blessed us with a new project called “SPREAD OF THE BLACK PLAGUE” The Mix Tape. This Project features Red Cafe, Chinx Drugz, Hollywood Haiti & much more. Take a second and click the download link below.

Check out the visual to “That Wurk” single Ft. Stack Billion(Stack Bills), Citty Boii and Son-Ray off The Spread Of The Black Plague Mix Tape


Check Them Out: Miz MAF – Minute Of Ya Time – Dir. by Quest @mizmaf @hommicide @atlgravity

Miz MAF - Minute Of Ya Time -Artwork / / / /


Check Them Out: Local-Mu12 Ft. Skyzoo – “Champion” @skyzoo @LocalMu12 @LoyaltyDigital @atlgravity


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“Champion” – The latest release from Local-Mu12 (Stryfe & Broadway Barrett) featuring Skyzoo, has all the makings of an anthem. From the theatrical beat, provided by Real McKoy, to the boastful lyrics and energetic delivery, “Champion” is undoubtedly exactly what winning sounds like. Local-Mu12 will be dropping their debut album LABOR DAY on 9/3/13

What would happen if, along the quest for their dreams, a collective of like-minded independent Hip-Hop musicians joined forces in an effort to push their careers along while retaining their individual identities and career aspirations? This may not sound like such a foreign concept, but what we’re talking about here isn’t your average rap crew. LOCAL-Mu12 is much more than that. It is a brotherhood forged on the foundation of the mutual understanding that the music can’t get right until the business is.
The collective came together in early 2012 when artist/producer/engineer William Fokis Heredia recruited a group of young, talented emcees and producers from around the country who he had worked with in the past. He knew that this group of nine (including himself), that shared the undeniable talent, dedication and passion necessary for success in the music business. His idea was to pool their resources and begin operating like a union: a professional organization constantly seeking ways to help each member of the collective move forward. Today, LOCAL-Mu12 stands together as exactly what Fokis had envisioned, with each of its 9 members having grown artistically and professionally, their sounds each being molded by the group’s multicultural, cross-regional makeup; and their careers having been boosted by gaining access to tools, industry professionals and collaborators they might not have had access to, had they not been together. Now, LOCAL-Mu12 is ready to show the world just what the strength in their numbers sounds like. On September 3rd, the collective will release its first full length project, the aptly titled Labor Day. Featuring all in-house production and only three guest appearances – New York emcees Torae & Skyzoo, and Chicago’s GLC – the project is a total representation of exactly what LOCAL-Mu12 stands for. Theirs is that Blue Collar rap. It’s the working man’s Hip-Hop: relate-able both in its realness in documenting the harshness of life, and its levity in celebrating the joys. Currently Local-Mu12 consists of: Stryfe (Detroit), TJ (California), MoodsandVibrations (MD), Real McKoy (NC), RP (NY), The 17th (CT), Broadway Barrett (NY), Son-Ray (NY) and Fokis (NY). With new members being added you can be sure to expect to hear a lot more from Local-Mu12 in the very near future.


Check Them Out: September 6th- Let Will Down @iamsixth @atlgravity

Let Will Down

Chicago Producer/Emcee September 6th Is Back With A Freestyle Over J. Cole‘s Let Nas Down Where He Describes How He Let His Own Mentors Down!


Check Them Out ( CTO): Madame Freak & The Funky Fever- Follow The Crack @madamefreak @funkyfever @atlgravity

pic_1374932997_freak200 copy

Come. Dance. Freak. Body and soul will groove to the innovative and energetic sound of Madame Freak & The Funky Fever. The unconventional but musically talented group consists of powerhouse jazz/soul singer Jessi Teich and an eclectic jazz/indie group from Europe. The band formed after a chance meeting in a medieval era practice studio set two floors underground in the middle of Paris. The result is funky, soulful, sexy, and straight up dance music. Their highly anticipated debut album was released on July 19, 2013 and the band is now touring the East Coast. Madame Freak and The Funky Fever are excited to share this new and fresh take on live dance music with the world. Review: “I’ve produced and remixed some of the biggest acts in music over the last 15 years and it’s rare that I get excited over a new breakout act. However, Madame Freak & The Funky Fever bring some amazingly cool, inno vative and unique elements to the table that are sure to turn heads and keep the listener thoroughly entertained!” ~ Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore, Multi-Platinum Producer/Remixer For more information contact: Jefferson Green Madame Freak Records LLC 215-866-6910


Check Them Out: September 6th-Blow @iamsixth


L. Rey Films And September 6th Team Up To Bring You A Lyric Video For 6th’s Self Produced Track Blow! Blow Appeared On 6th’s Latest Album Release More Hip Hop x Sneakers x Vagina. Download Here In Case You Missed The Chicago Native’s Latest Drop!

Check Them Out: Jay Whyman: Oh Girl (remix) @jaywhyman @atlgravity

pic_1372818827_JayWhyman 150x150

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Australia. Has had music tracks 2nd place at the Song of The Year in 2009 and 2011. At as well being consider for the BET awards for 2013 in New York City to perform in front of Jay Z. He is also a former number 1 BMX Cycling Champion of New Zealand & Australian Champion and a 5 time National N B L Champion. Jay plays piano. His hobbies include Swimming, Cycling, Tennis, Boxing. His latest recording was done at Produced by Nick Carpenter at Core Recording Studio in Burleigh Waters in Australia. Jay Whyman cool, edgy songs feature chilled out beats and catchy hooks, in Pop/R&B makes them perfect for contemporary Urban-themed Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Oh Girl(Remix)

Check Them Out: Old Money- Fire in the Dark Mixtape @oldmoneycrime @atlgravity


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Old Money is an NYC based rap/electronic duo that incorporates tropical influences into our music. We’ve been fortunate enough to be covered by VICE, SPINInterview Magazine and more…..

Check out Hot Soda ft Kool A.D.




“If you toned down Kanye West’s ego and turned up his sonic experimentation and then coupled that with some of Yasiin Bey’s lyrical content, you’d arrive at something that sounds a lot like Old Money.” -VICE

After well received single premieres at SPIN Magazine and FACT,  Old Money releases their debut via Dutty Artz and A.L.I.E.N. NYC. Stream it now in it’s entirety at VICE and download it here.

photo by @KingTexas

Bio: Ahmad Julian and Andre Oswald are Old Money, a New York based rap, production and DJ duo of Jamaican and Guyanese origins. Their music incorporates the sounds of contemporary Africa such as UK Funky, Dancehall, Kwaito, Kuduro and Hip-Hop while remaining rooted in traditions of pan-African philosophy. In this way, their output remains dynamic and cutting-edge, while also taking on a mystical bend – influenced by fringe spiritual orders like the Nuwaubians, the Moors, NOI, and The 5 Percenters, as well as science fiction novels by author Octavia Butler…(continued here)

For Old Money inquiries please contact Matthew Gawrych at Terrorbird Media –
-=- Peace -=-
Copyright © 2013 Old Money, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this because you have shown love.
Our mailing address is:

Old Money

172 Attorney Street

New York, NY 10002

Rock the Wah Wah- check it out @atlgravity

Rock The Wah Wah
(Inspirational teaser montage video – click link below. We would love a mention/video link on your blog/media outlet)
Plus – Free MP3 Download for you or your site
‘You Are Somebody’ (320 kbps)


Click on pic to download
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Video and MP3 for your Websites, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Blog-sites or just for your listening pleasure.

In preparation for long overdue Wah Wah Collective album check out our new album teaser ‘Rock The Wah Wah’. We have also provided a link for a FREE track ‘You are somebody (Eternal Inspiration) – an inspirational joint to play when times get hard. A little Wah Wah Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody.

The Wah album features over fourteen tracks from various artists we have worked with over the years caressed in nusoul, urban dance, hip hop beats and latin grooves all coming together to create an eclectic treatment. Many of our original vinyl releases distributed by UK labels Kudos Records and Goya music have finally been remastered for the CD album. The album is scheduled to drop in late 2013 but before then feelers will be sent out to all you funky cats… stay tuned.

Dom Servini, Straight No Chaser (Magazine)
Singles Review  ‘ Tell Me Why’

” ‘Not to be confused with the record label with the same name, The Wah Wah Collective come through with their second 12” release, and it’s the best so far. Fiona Faye’s vocals fit really nicely in to this downtempo jazz ditty with its tender fender rhodes and soulful strings. Perfect after-hours listening.”

The Wah Wah Collective is right now what you could call a Trans-Atlantic group with beats from London & France and with vocals and production also stemming from Italy and the US. The Wah released vinyl only EP’s and Singles in the mid-00’s gaining some notoriety for their mixture of neo-soul with alternative dance. Several titles from the Wah Wah Collective roster were supported with UK Regional Radio airplay on shows such as Rosie Kendrick (Late Lounge) (Jazz/Smooth 102.2 FM (UK)), Patrick Forge (The Cosmic Jam – Kiss 100 FM (London)) and also on US radio with Rafe Gomez, The Groove Boutique Jazz show on KJZY FM (New York).

More Details:

Artist:   Wah Wah Collective
Label:    I-innovate (UK)
Scheduled album release date:   Fall 2013 (Autumn)
Genre: Nusoul, Hip hop, Latin grooves, Nujazz, Breaks & Eclectic Rhythms
Format (s): digital download (iTunes/Amazon etc) & CD Album Release supported with 12′ Vinyl re-issues

Contact: : [mail]  /   [tel]  44 07956-921313

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