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pic_1372479713_yourair_cvrBorn and raised in Atlanta Ga, Jeffery Bowden or “Jedii” as he is known by his music industry peers has made his mark in the Atlanta music scene and the recording industry. Raised in church by his devout minister father and mother, geared Jeff B for a life in music arts. Through out grade school and high school he laid his musical foundation by being a member of both choral programs and playinginstruments for band programs to further his musical studies. He marched drum line for the Riverwood Raiders for two consecutive years and showed great aptitude before returning to his home school Benjamin E. Banneker to finish out his high school career. While at Banneker Jeff concentrated more on choral performance and caught the attention of the musical department heads, being asked to lead the choir solo for performances. He graduated Banneker with a high school diploma.

After high school Jeff caught the attention of a local Atlanta music producer Carl Breeding. The two formed a friendship and partnership that would lead to various opportunities. Breeding was working under music legend Daryll Simmons of Laface Records and brought a young Jeff in as a staff writer. Simmons had released a group from his label then called “The Dolls” (which later changed their name to Destiny’s Child) but used the services of his staff to secure their record deal. Jeff was one of the writers that landed a song called “Show Me The Way” on what would be Destiny’s Child’s first album release of many. He worked personally with the group writing and vocal producing. Since the group did not work out for Simmons, he had an opening for a group which turned out to be the birth of Co-eD a two guy two girl group vocal group, brainchild of Breeding and Bowden.

What would now be called Co-eD started a musical journey that lead to many accomplishments. On e being securing a record deal from Universal Records. Hence its creation, the group took many forms until forming its founding members in 1998. Jeff C, Jeff B, Nikki and Bianca. The group was offered deals and was even signed to production companies Noontime and Patchwerk before finally signing to an independent company Rubicon. During the groups development (98-99) Jeff B and Jeff C wrote a song which would lead them to the brink of success called “Roll Wit Me”. This song would go on the be to this day one of the most popular songs in a region by an independent vocal group. The remix to “Roll Wit Me” is responsible for the career launch for very well know rapper T.I.. Co-eD later signed the deal with Universal Records and released debut album “Utopia” which was not heavily promoted by the record company. The group went on to do some touring overseas before dispersing in 2002.

After Co-ed, Jeff B started using the knowledge he gathered on his journe y to write, produce, arrange and counsel for many up and coming artist as well as veterans in the industry. He started writing with famed Outkast producer Mr. Dj in 2006 and since the two have worked on many projects together ranging from pop to gospel to electronic to rap and even country. Jeff has been a part of EMI music one of the largest publishing companies in the world since 2000 as writer and producer. Jeff is currently in the studio with a host of artist.









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EMI Group logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)