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Check out Xavien(stage name: Xay) half of a hip hop/pop group called “XayZay ThaOverachievers” with his brother Xamon(stage name: Zay) as the other half. We currently reside in Memphis, TN but we travel back & forth from here to Atlanta to work on our music & promotions. They  feel as if they really have a great chance at becoming a real super group. Not just in the U.S. We are talking about REAL INTERNATIONAL TEEN SENSATIONS. They have already began to create a decent sized fan base & with the right promotions we feel like it could grow to be so much more. Their pen game is almost untouchable. They’ve been compared to the group OutKast by quit a few people in the industry, but  are so much more than that. They are a very diverse group & they make music for everyone;Moreover, They make music for girls, love songs, pop music, dance music, music about our struggles & hardtimes. THEY CAN DO IT ALL!!! So if you could please check out their newest single called “Party All Night(P.A.N.)” it would be very much appreciated. It had been mixed & mastered so the quality is very much up to part.


Listen: Solmanipulashun “You Like That Sol” @atlgravity @solmanipulashun


You Like That Sol
The Best Things

Solmanipulashun is a Trap/Edm group from California. You like that Sol is the third release from the group. The song is about the power of sex, and is sure to get everybody dancing. Solmanipulashun will be dropping a song and visual for the song “Forever Incredible” next, so be on the lookout for it!

Filip Filipi – Mandolins Cry | Blood In My Eyes VIDEO @filipfilipi @mandolinscry @bloodinmyeyes

Credits Concept by Filip Filipi | Mia Divac | Daft Devil Directed by Gregory J. Brown Produced by Filip Filipi, Mia Divac, ZG FILM Post Production Services by ZG FILM Edited By Zachary D Kerrholden Cinematography by Gregory J. Brown Gaffer – Landon Mosseson Make-up by Jenn Kaminski & Kianna Trotter Iva Kapsikova as The Woman Adam Lolacher as the Devil Filip Filipi as Filip Filipi LP Corbett as Filip Filipi
Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner

All proceeds go to the ‘Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod’ charity. More info:


Check Them Out: Doobi Ent- Money Aiir x A.I.O X Cold Cash- Shorty Cold @MoneeyAiir @coldcashjohnny

Doobi-Roc Ent. thanks you for your recent support and we want to keep you in touch with the latest from us. Something new to consider.
With new mixtapes from these artists on the way Moneey Aiir and up and coming producer A.I.O links up with Cold Cash for some new music.

Listen here: Clean/Dirty version here: