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C.I.T.Y – ‘Clinton Era’ [Pro. by Yinfluence]


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When hearing the term ‘Clinton Era’, what comes to mind? According to C.I.T.Y. “the Clinton Era was one of the most influential periods of our [those raised in the 90’s] lives. Be it the shows we watched or the music we listened to, there was just something about that era that made our generation more unique…we see life in a different perspective.” The new single, produced by none other than Yinfluence, has more of a relaxed vibe. It gives a sort of open dialogue into the minds of this misunderstood generation. C.I.T.Y. sums up this generation’s mental cycle as – young and reckless.

Lyrically you’ll find a sense of reality as reflected in the chorus, “I’m old enough to know better, but I’m too young to give a f–k.” Along with this new single is a side of C.I.T.Y. that is introduced to his fans and followers. His vocal delivery is a little more melodic and restrained. However, the propulsive percussion heard throughout the track is a perfect complement to his rapid flow; ideal for those that like a little “knock” in the trunk. Overall this track is hot and is definitely worth a listen. -Via Real Deal Nation


C.I.T.Y. (cit·y /ˈsitē/) [Creative. Intelligent. Talented. Young-Mind.] was born David Paul Baptiste, Jr. September 6, 1988, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He first discovered his musical talent at the age of 10. Coming from a bloodline of musicians, C.I.T.Y was influenced by his great-grandfather, Louis Barbarian and his great-uncle, Paul Barbarian who were both considered “founders” of the Jazz Movement in the 1940′s. C.I.T.Y.’s musical bloodline also links him to musical icons such as Darren Brazley, Stanley Clarke and Chris Severin.

C.I.T.Y. delivers a very versatile sound that touches on many controversial issues as well as bringing forth situations from his personal life, while practicing hip-hop as an art form rather than a get-rich-quick scheme. He believes in the power of music—the power to help others, and speaking words that many may be afraid to say. C.I.T.Y. attempts to walk at the forefront of his generation and help others stand for what they believe in. He believes that this shows people that it is cool to be yourself; and by staying to true to yourself, you define the true meaning of ‘real.’He will continue to push forward and take his creativity to the next level. By remaining true to his vision, C.I.T.Y. will continue to build his own lane and define his own style.

Check Them Out: Iakopo- I Believe @iakopo @atlgravity


The “Kid Rasta,” Iakopo from Maui is back and this time his new hit release, “I Believe,” is a musical anthem of  peace and love for all to share and appreciate.

With infectious hooks, heart warming lyrics and breath taking vocals, “I Believe,” is a song for everyone who shares those dreams of peace.
Coming from the Islands new genre of i-Pop, “I Believe” is a crossover track combining fusions of reggae, pop, and soul.
Released exclusively on the Robert Sterling Music Publishing record label, “I Believe,” is available at finer music digital stores world wide…
“I Believe” that if you believe in this song, our world will be a better place…


New Music: The Projekt-Bad Boyz @theprojektncl @atlgravity

Check out this new controversial song from UK hip-hop Group called The Projekt. The song is produced by known UK producer Sermstyle who has credits with Wiley, Wiz Khalifa and Young Buck to name a few. The Projekt are based in the North East of England and have a whacky, fun and controversial style

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