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Beat produced by: Stiles


I’m eating rappers like it’s dinner for a slave
No stealing chickens so I’ve never been afraid
Now this that undeniable thunder fire flow
Punch you while my eyes are closed plucking down the highest folks
Jungle in some lion clothes, tumbled then I eyed her phone
luckily she like to bone, fucking in a private zone
blunted up or pirate cone, she sucking as she drive me home
her bucket got a tire blown, hunting for a Firestone
filthy wishin for riches, killing industry niggas
appealing millions of bitches, don’t deal with envious snitches
don’t got a job, but I still get by
ain’t got a dime, but I still get high
uh, ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly
uh, you got a prob’, need to chill home boy
innovative, independent, indecisive, intermission
intercourse, with interesting women who love it in their cores
this beat ain’t mine it’s yours, you feel it in your pores
it reaches deep, fries, shorts, and then the heat absorbs
your head just starts knockin, dead is just not an option
im like a red toxin, and like im bred oxen
since im the best talkin, niggas could get to walking
my many skills will give you thoughts like forget Hopsin,
Boston, Massachusetts got a problem child
he smoke drink cuss and fight and they call him Kyle
mean dude when you play with the dough
know a spot in California near the Lakers, yo
plus a shop with all the ganja yeah that fuego ‘dro
drive South down the border viva Mexico
uh, ain’t got a mom but I suck milk dry,
ain’t got a car but I still got drive
uh, ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly, uh
you got a prob’ need to chill home boy


Verse 2:
yo, uh, smoking blunts of shitty marijuana
had to do it, gotta toke while barely getting dollars
life is hard, staying up, making family honor
I can barely stand the rain, I’m playing till my Grammy hour
Family Dollar chips, cold cup of faucet water
I know a sax player sad as fuck he lost his father
my temper’s shorter than mini-me underwater
I kill my enemies by conceiving their daughters
I’ll beat you senseless with pillow cases of hornets
they flipping pigeons so niggas can pay the mortgage
tipping vending machines stealing the quarters
I’d love to write fuck you on my forehead
my hip hopped, so I’m stayin alive
ain’t got a rock but I still take mine
ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly
you got a prob’ need to chill home boy
huh, couldn’t take the heat so I killed kaywhy
now I’m back on my feet, and unveiled K’s rhymes
seen the light 8 times, beast drive makes 9
if you wanna beat the best you must defeat they grind, pirate

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Throwback: Oran “Juice” Jones- The Rain @oranjuicejones @atlgravity #rain

Music video by Oran “Juice” Jones performing The Rain. (C) 1986 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Throwback: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- I wonder If I Take You Home @lisalisacultjam @atlgravity

Music video by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam;Full Force performing I Wonder If I Take You Home. (C) 1984 Personal Records Inc.



Apology Art


The Potholes In My Blog premiered 2nd single from Savant’s coming “Initial Entry” release features the artist weaving an audio epistle wherein he assumes the role of a would be father speaking regretfully to his aborted children. The De La Croix supplied soundscape melds and meshes seamlessly with a warm piano outro from Vinyl Party Band affiliate Derek Howa and Savant’s singing and rapping vocals and introspective lyrics to create an all-around soul stirring listen.

Filip Filipi – Mandolins Cry | Blood In My Eyes VIDEO @filipfilipi @mandolinscry @bloodinmyeyes

Credits Concept by Filip Filipi | Mia Divac | Daft Devil Directed by Gregory J. Brown Produced by Filip Filipi, Mia Divac, ZG FILM Post Production Services by ZG FILM Edited By Zachary D Kerrholden Cinematography by Gregory J. Brown Gaffer – Landon Mosseson Make-up by Jenn Kaminski & Kianna Trotter Iva Kapsikova as The Woman Adam Lolacher as the Devil Filip Filipi as Filip Filipi LP Corbett as Filip Filipi
Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner

All proceeds go to the ‘Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod’ charity. More info: