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“Due to the growing controversy over Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman, I decided to write a song to support the Martin family and movement. It’s sad to see that even in 2012-2013 we still have issues, and I mean serious issues, with racial discrimination in the United States. A CHILD lost his life for going to the corner store for a snack, millions of other children around the world are doing this right now and they shouldn’t be worried they won’t make it back home safely because of the color of their skin. The fact that his murderer is walking around with the same freedoms as you or I, COMPELLED me to write this song! I am/was inspired by all of the support the Martin family has received, black, white and otherwise. Watch my new video of, “United,” let us know what you think about the message of unity I am trying to portray to the nation and world. This was a wake up call that racial discrimination is still prevalent and a part of our culture. BUT, I was equally inspired when I saw just as many white people supporting and protesting this cause as my black brothers and sisters. Please don’t let this precious life be forgotten! If we stand “UNITED” his life will live on and his legacy will be preserved!” ~Jung Phil


Title: United
Artist: Jung Phil
Release Date: June, 27th 2013 via iTunes & all digital stores worldwide.
UPC: 859709975658
Primary Genre:
Hip Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre:

Manager Contact: Joanna Haughton
(412) 414-4346
(412) 505-3588


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Beat produced by: Stiles


I’m eating rappers like it’s dinner for a slave
No stealing chickens so I’ve never been afraid
Now this that undeniable thunder fire flow
Punch you while my eyes are closed plucking down the highest folks
Jungle in some lion clothes, tumbled then I eyed her phone
luckily she like to bone, fucking in a private zone
blunted up or pirate cone, she sucking as she drive me home
her bucket got a tire blown, hunting for a Firestone
filthy wishin for riches, killing industry niggas
appealing millions of bitches, don’t deal with envious snitches
don’t got a job, but I still get by
ain’t got a dime, but I still get high
uh, ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly
uh, you got a prob’, need to chill home boy
innovative, independent, indecisive, intermission
intercourse, with interesting women who love it in their cores
this beat ain’t mine it’s yours, you feel it in your pores
it reaches deep, fries, shorts, and then the heat absorbs
your head just starts knockin, dead is just not an option
im like a red toxin, and like im bred oxen
since im the best talkin, niggas could get to walking
my many skills will give you thoughts like forget Hopsin,
Boston, Massachusetts got a problem child
he smoke drink cuss and fight and they call him Kyle
mean dude when you play with the dough
know a spot in California near the Lakers, yo
plus a shop with all the ganja yeah that fuego ‘dro
drive South down the border viva Mexico
uh, ain’t got a mom but I suck milk dry,
ain’t got a car but I still got drive
uh, ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly, uh
you got a prob’ need to chill home boy


Verse 2:
yo, uh, smoking blunts of shitty marijuana
had to do it, gotta toke while barely getting dollars
life is hard, staying up, making family honor
I can barely stand the rain, I’m playing till my Grammy hour
Family Dollar chips, cold cup of faucet water
I know a sax player sad as fuck he lost his father
my temper’s shorter than mini-me underwater
I kill my enemies by conceiving their daughters
I’ll beat you senseless with pillow cases of hornets
they flipping pigeons so niggas can pay the mortgage
tipping vending machines stealing the quarters
I’d love to write fuck you on my forehead
my hip hopped, so I’m stayin alive
ain’t got a rock but I still take mine
ain’t dapper Don, but I still stay fly
you got a prob’ need to chill home boy
huh, couldn’t take the heat so I killed kaywhy
now I’m back on my feet, and unveiled K’s rhymes
seen the light 8 times, beast drive makes 9
if you wanna beat the best you must defeat they grind, pirate

Rap genius lyric explanation:…

Listen: Bantunani- Tears and lies @bantunani @atlgravity @tearandlies


Tears And Lies is probably one of the most memorable sounds of this new production called Rocknbe where guitars ring in a groove to multiple horizons between funk beat and chorus pop.some new wave influences come marry R & B verse colored apparel some strings acute and piano notes. The title, powerful and haunting remains dark in its composition.

Bundi (@iambundi) – Nostalgia (Freestyle) @atlgravity

New music video from UK artist Bundi “Nostalgia” Freestyle off the Pusha-T ft Kendrick Lamar track.


Listen: VonnNRich-QUIET N DA CLA$$ROOM @vonnnrich


VonnNRich releases his sophomore mixtape, QUIET N DA CLA$$ROOM! Laced with lyrical intellect and dope production, the blogs and the streets will look forward to having this album on their playlist. With heavy production from Big Sid Beats, the intellect in his urban lyrics coupled with dope production has the streets in a frenzy. With limited features, mostly from the SMG (Scholarich Music Group) family, you will get a great opportunity to hear VON’s story. Conceptually nonetheless, from what you will hear on this project lets us know he’s not going to let up anytime soon.


Listen: Yung Fliiboy [@YungFliiboy] feat. @YoungPrettyNYC — “Green Light” @atlgravity

Yung Fliiboy feat. @YoungPrettyNYC — “Green Light”

green light artwork

Queens rapper Yung Fliiboy is back with a new “banger” from his upcoming mixtape, Fliiboy Radio Part 1. This time, he teams up with fellow Queens native Young Pretty to deliver warning shots with “Green Light” over a Cardiak-produced beat.
Fliiboy is best known for his appearances in XXL and all across college radio. He also performed live at The Howard Theatre in Washington, DC, as part of the XXL Eye Candy Tour, and was featured on MTV as part of his participation in the “Rep The Code” project, where he also hosted an official pre-VMA’s industry party that brought over 1,000 people through the door.


Throwback: Morris Day-Oak Tree @morrisday #oaktree @atlgravity

Classic Ol’ Skool cut from Morris Day off the Color of Success Lp, circa. 1985


Throwback: Michael Jackson- Remember The Time @michaeljackson @rememberthetime @atlgravity

Music video by Michael Jackson performing Remember The Time. (C) 1992 MJJ Productions Inc.

Listen: P S Quint & Trust Afro – Party Mode @psquintmusic @atlgravity

P S Quint & Trust Afro – Party Mode

(The song is also available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Last.Fm, Xbox Music and many more online stores.)
This song is a Hip Hop / Afro Pop infused type of jam. It’s something for anytime of the year but mostly for the good times as the lyrics suggest.

More of P S Quint songs available on:
For more info on P S Quint visit
To socialize with P S Quint visit:


Al B Sure- Night and Day @albsure @nightandday @atlgravity

Al B Sure! – Night and Day (C) 1988 Warner Bros. Records


@_markmorrison – A.N.G. 2.0 (@Rymez Remix) ft. @CrookedIntriago, @NaglaOfficial & @nikkixdykes @atlgravity @JoStaceyPR

markmorrisonrymezremix Brand new official remix by Zimbabwean born, London based producer Rymez of Mark Morrison’s new single. “A.N.G. 2.0”, which features Crooked I from the group Slaughterhouse, and UK female vocalists Nagla and Nikki. Rymez production credits includes Wiley’s Number 1 hit single “Heatwave”, Roll Deep “All Or Nothing”, and Krept & Konan “NUMB”. Nagla featured on Leeroy from ‘The Valleys’ single “Can’t Get Enough” which reached the UK Top-40 in June. Mark Morrison’s catalog includes the Number 1 hit “Return of the Mack”, “Crazy”, and “Horny”.

Throwback: Oran “Juice” Jones- The Rain @oranjuicejones @atlgravity #rain

Music video by Oran “Juice” Jones performing The Rain. (C) 1986 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Throwback: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- I wonder If I Take You Home @lisalisacultjam @atlgravity

Music video by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam;Full Force performing I Wonder If I Take You Home. (C) 1984 Personal Records Inc.



Apology Art


The Potholes In My Blog premiered 2nd single from Savant’s coming “Initial Entry” release features the artist weaving an audio epistle wherein he assumes the role of a would be father speaking regretfully to his aborted children. The De La Croix supplied soundscape melds and meshes seamlessly with a warm piano outro from Vinyl Party Band affiliate Derek Howa and Savant’s singing and rapping vocals and introspective lyrics to create an all-around soul stirring listen.

Listen: JUVEN | UNRELEASED DATA TAPE @rapperthomas @atlgravity

udtfront-1 udtback1

Juven’s “Unreleased Data Tape” displays a big contrast from his last project, “Space Trademark: The Sessions“. “U.D.T” gives more of a raw feel in comparison to the last album. You also have to keep in mind that “U.D.T” is a mixtape. The mixtape is hosted by Coast 2 Coast’s DJ Thomas Handsome, and has 18 tracks that were recorded before and after Juven’s last album. This is why he decided to name it “Unreleased Data Tape”.

Unreleased Data Tape | Hosted By Coast 2 Coast DJ Thomas Handsome

Featured Artists: Chop, Charlie Victor, DC, Jef Jon Sin, Ka-flame, Nosa, Slim Reepa, Suspense, Sunny Tuff, Teek Da Don, Thomas Handsome, and Young C.
Producers: Anno Domini, Big Jerm, Juven, Kid Geronimo.

Content: Explicit, Parental Advisory.


Watch: Ms. Jade Talks “Beautiful Mess” Project Dropping in 2014 & more with HHS1987 @TheRealMsJade @HipHopSince1987 @RickDange @atlgravity

HHS1987 catches up with Philly legend, Ms. Jade. Jade talks to HHS1987 about her new project dropping in 2014 called “Beautiful Mess.” Jade talks about the challenges around female artists getting a record deal, and so much more. This video was shot by HHS1987’s Rick Dange.


Listen: Deniro Sniper-Catching Feelings prod by Facial Makaveli @denirosniper

Catching Feelings

Jasmine Yarbrough (born Sept. 3, 1989), better known by her stage name
Deniro Swiper is an american unsigned rapper. Born in Benton Harbor, MI, and later moved to Kalamazoo, Mi. Affiliated with 1017 Bricksquad managed by
OG MACK DRAMA, She started rapping at the age of 13 in middle school entered in talent shows, and performing on stage! She is best known for her Hit singles
“U Can Get It”,”Catching Feelings” And “Auto Pilot” Which landed a spot on the ATLTOP20 Records #BirthdayBashEdition, She also was ranked #1 on the charts on Her upcoming mixtape will be released in 2014.

Shadyville/Coast2Coast pres. THE REAL ADOT (@AdotInDaBuildin) – THIS IS ME! (Mixtape) (via @dawhizzkid)@dawhizzkid @AdotInDaBuildin / Instagram: @therealadot_



Another smashing mixtape by international major brand “WhizzKid Mixtapes”! After teaming up with big industry players on their recent releases, on this one they focus on introducing hot new artist “THE REAL ADOT“.

This WhizzKid Media Premium Mixtape is released in cooperation with Shadyville, Coast2Coast, Future Star Djs + more!


Filip Filipi – Mandolins Cry | Blood In My Eyes VIDEO @filipfilipi @mandolinscry @bloodinmyeyes

Credits Concept by Filip Filipi | Mia Divac | Daft Devil Directed by Gregory J. Brown Produced by Filip Filipi, Mia Divac, ZG FILM Post Production Services by ZG FILM Edited By Zachary D Kerrholden Cinematography by Gregory J. Brown Gaffer – Landon Mosseson Make-up by Jenn Kaminski & Kianna Trotter Iva Kapsikova as The Woman Adam Lolacher as the Devil Filip Filipi as Filip Filipi LP Corbett as Filip Filipi
Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner

All proceeds go to the ‘Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod’ charity. More info:


Watch: PaeBak- V.I.O.G’d Tour Chicago Edition @directorsdot x @Shad_fk @Paebak @Paebakmusic @WMBEntlive @Jewelmarketing

Paebak – “Sanctuary” and “We Did It” off the new mixtape #History @Paebak @Paebakmusic @WMBEntlive @Jewelmarketing Shot By @directorsdot x @Shad_fk Edited By @directorsdot Booking:

Watch: J NICS & Freddie Gibbs-Scale @jnics @freddiegibbs @esgn #scales @atlgravity

J NICS releases the the video for SCALE (featuring Freddie Gibbs) from the DJ Burn One Produced project “DarkSide”. Look out for the “DarkSide” iTunes release which will feature some bonus tracks.

Directed by: Joseph Cinnante (Last Rights) x JMAC
Produced/ Written by: Joseph Cinnante (Last Rights)
Shot | Edit | vfx: JMAC


Watch: Ballout ft. Yung Gleesh & Capo “FASTER” produced by Zaytoven (Official Video) @DevinJMedia @atlgravity @GBE_BALLOUT @CAPO_GBE300 @YUNG_GLEESH @WillHoopes @zaytovenbeatz

Produced by: @zaytovenbeatz

Ballout “Rookie of the Year” Nov 8th
Capo “GLONL” Nov 7th
Gleesh “Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper” Dec 21st

Directed by @WillHoopes
Edited by @DevinJMedia

Listen:#TheBarExam-#MarryHer (Gr8Mix) @n8thegr8cuf @xtraordinaryann @atlgravity

Directed and Edited by Maryann
Produced by N8 the Gr8 (
#TheBarExam #MarryHer (

About The Song:
Even in these cynical times, some people still believe in true love. Sacramento experimental hiphop group #THEBAREXAM captures the feeling and opens up their world in “#MarryHer(Gr8Mix).” In describing his “magic spell,” emcee MICjordan explains “I wrote this shortly after meeting the love of my life. With this song, my goal was to speak the destiny I wanted for us into existence.” Watch that destiny come into fruition in their new music video, which chronicles his real-life wedding in Sacramento, CA. Produced and mixed by West Coast hiphop legend N8 tha Gr8 (The Cuf), this special video event was filmed, directed and edited by Maryann Hunter of N-Crowd Media.

About The Artist:
Emcee MICjordan and emcee/producer WesttKraven (aka TheGreenRoom) are #THEBAREXAM. Rejecting the notion that hiphop shouldn’t challenge its audience, the Sacramento, CA duo takes pride in making music the so-called ‘wrong way,’ teaming up to create unconventional underground sounds for over a decade. Dense, multilayered lyrics ride, float, drift over, and crash through soulful, noisy, off-kilter, low-fi instrumentals to create a demanding, rewarding, and most importantly authentic post-pop hiphop soundsperience.


View the contact Page

Watch: Autobio – Descendant @autobio #descendant @atlgravity

Descendant is a true rapper from Agawam, Massachusetts. He has worked with artists like The Jokerr, Masetti and was a part of Project Fatalist. He has released a few solo mixtapes in the past and a few albums with Project Fatalist (most notably “New Beginnings”). His new mixtape is titled “Yesterday’s Absence, Today’s Return.”

Produced by Anno Domini Beats (Worked with artists such as The Jokerr and Passionate MC)


Check Them Out (Philly): New artist Trel Mack Interview @trelmack, @skerecords @atlgravity

Trel Mack talks success on new video with Real Hot Radio! (Audio)

Philly’s Trel Mack called into Real Hot Radio for a quick interview to speak on the recent success of his new video “Inspired By Greatness” Intro. The video has went viral and featured on almost every major website. The interview with Real Hot Radio is below along with the video!

Trel Mack on Real Hot Radio!
Instagram- Trelmack


Check Them Out: City Lights (DJ FLOW & UPTOWN SWUITE-First Flight Up EP


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Northern Cali
fornia rhymesayer Uptown Swuite and producer DJ FLOW have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners the First Flight Up EP, their official debut project as duo City Lights.

The project packs six original jams from the newly-formed crew, including reader-approved lead single “Fly Away.” Carlo Key makes the sole guest appearance on the EP, which is produced in its entirety by DJ FLOW.

Check Them Out ( CTO): Madame Freak & The Funky Fever- Follow The Crack @madamefreak @funkyfever @atlgravity

pic_1374932997_freak200 copy

Come. Dance. Freak. Body and soul will groove to the innovative and energetic sound of Madame Freak & The Funky Fever. The unconventional but musically talented group consists of powerhouse jazz/soul singer Jessi Teich and an eclectic jazz/indie group from Europe. The band formed after a chance meeting in a medieval era practice studio set two floors underground in the middle of Paris. The result is funky, soulful, sexy, and straight up dance music. Their highly anticipated debut album was released on July 19, 2013 and the band is now touring the East Coast. Madame Freak and The Funky Fever are excited to share this new and fresh take on live dance music with the world. Review: “I’ve produced and remixed some of the biggest acts in music over the last 15 years and it’s rare that I get excited over a new breakout act. However, Madame Freak & The Funky Fever bring some amazingly cool, inno vative and unique elements to the table that are sure to turn heads and keep the listener thoroughly entertained!” ~ Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore, Multi-Platinum Producer/Remixer For more information contact: Jefferson Green Madame Freak Records LLC 215-866-6910


Check Them Out: Yung Gleesh – 2 Thangs ft. MPA Wicced (Official Video) @Yung_Gleesh @dubhoopes

Shot in Atlanta by Homespun Media Group
Yung Gleesh – 2 Thangs ft. MPA Wicced (Official Video)
“Ain’t Shit Changed” Follow on Instagram: @Yung_GleeshProduced by MPA YDG

For All Business:


Check Them Out: RRose RRome – “All That” (Freestyle) @RRoseRRome @atlgravity


Brooklyn favorite RRose Rome aka “RRome” spits a ball of flames over The Game’sAll That” track featured on his 2012 Jesus Piece album. This exclusive dart is available on DJ Lazy K’s ‘Dope Mix Vol. 20’ and is just a teaser before RRome drops his debut Take This Serious mixtape hosted by DJ Absolut.

Check Them Out: TBalla ft Cash Out- @T_BALLAG @THEREALCASHOUT






Kanye West- Yeezus [C&S] – DJ AudiTory (Chopped and Screwed) @djauditory @atlgravity @yeezus @kanyewest

Kanye West working in the studio
Kanye West working in the studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DJ AudiTory -Yeezus (C&S)

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As we welcome Kanye West back to earth and he brings back in his clutch his highly anticipated Yeezus album, we all know Good DJs always have the upper hand on music no matter what. Like clockwork we receive a offering from Houston’ s own, DJ AudiTory touching the very artsy album with his own brush painting it purple. The dynamic of Chopping & Screwing the entire album changes the whole feel of the project, giving each song a different emotion and soul. DJ AudiTory gives himself a title of executive-executive  producer on his take of the new release, sip slow and enjoy.