Hood Legends

Black Mafia Family

Larry Hoover ( GDs Leader)

BAnging In Little Rock

Ghetto Dreams ( FAt Pat)

Popped in Oakland

Rayful Edmonds

Alpo Story( Paid in Full)

Nikki Barnes and Frank Lucas

Original 50 Cent

Butch Jones (Y.B.I. Detroit)

Detroit Murder City

J is for Junkie

M.I. Yayo

Pablo Escobar

Gambino’s Mafia

Inside Mafia’s Godfathers

Lucky Luciano

Frank Costello

Philly Mob

Joe Bonanno

Tommy Lucchese

John Gotti
SAm Giancana

Real Sopranos

Murder, Inc.

Crime Inc, The Old Mob and New

Las Vegas Mafia (Chicago Mafia)

Boston Irish Mob

The Godfather and the Mob

Mafia Hitmen

Crime Inc, The Mob at work

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