Simon “Sez” Styles and Spitball are Oxnard, California duo Earthquake Institute, presenting the music video for their new single “Vampires On The Creep”, directed by Nakia Secrest & Simon Styles. Their previous releases include Super B-Boy Pimpin’ (Soundcloud), and videos for “Take A Hit” (watch), “Super B-Boy Pimpin’ (watch), “Audible Rollercoaster” (watch), “Science Friction” (watch) and “Swerve” (watch).

New FL Artist: OTOWN MARCO, “BLITZ” @otownmarco @nassacre @theshadesound @justsethhh]

19-year-old Orlando, Florida rapper Otown Marco presents the Nassacre-directed music video for “Blitz”, his new single produced by The Shade and Lonewolf. Marco has performed alongside Joey Bada$$, Tory Lanez, Curren$y, Lil Durk and Caskey. His previous releases include 2015’s Studio Nights EP (Soundcloud) and Blue December (Soundcloud). “We created the beat and I wrote ‘Blitz’ in less than a day,” says Marco. “I think that was just the vibe and how freely the song came together. I wanted to give people something that had a chill party vibe musically and represent that the video, but ‘Blitz’ serves as a reintroduction to my fans, prepping them for my next wave of music.”

New Cali Artist: MODERN LANGUAGE “MADLAB” @modern_language @lucidoptics @museumuk @illogic614

California emcee Lucid Optics and UK producer Museum are Modern Language, presenting “Madlab”, their new single from An Offer You Can Totally Refuse, their forthcoming album out now. “Madlab” features a guest appearance from Ohio emcee Illogic, who with Lucid Optics forms the duo Lucid Logic (stream “Penciled In” on Soundcloud). Lucid and Museum first met when they performed on the same bill at a show in San Francisco, and have been collaborating digitally ever since, releasing the OK Txt Me EP in 2015 (stream on Bandcamp). Lucid Optics is part of the Iscape collective, and has performed alongside Blueprint, Louis Logic and Milo. “Museum doesn’t know it, but this beat was the greatest twentieth birthday present I could’ve asked for,” says Lucid. “I was in a lot of turmoil in that period and still getting used to all the chaos around me. The main theme is realizing the power and potential human beings have while being surrounded by people who don’t. I also met one of my favorite artists while we were working on this project and we became friends after playing a show at the Honey Hive in San Francisco. I think my verse leaves room and unanswered questions, which isn’t always a bad thing, but Illogic really ties it together with that sort of spoken word piece. I’m super grateful to be working on more music with both of these dudes.”

New freestyle: Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble decided to creep up on you with a brand new Halloweenthemed freestyle video.

Press play for a quick music break if you’re knee deep in making those last minute changes to your halloween party, costumes and make up, etc. Or maybe right before you turn on a scary movie if you’re just planning to chill instead.

New NC Artist: SILENT T, “REMEMBER MY NAME” @yaboysilentt33 @jmactheproducer

North-Carolina based, Midwest-bred rapper Silent T presents “Remember My Name”, a single from his new EP Like You’ve Been There Before (stream on Soundcloud), featuring contributions from alFa, Rollova Beats and Ameer Amazin. “Remember My Name” features Crystal Hilaire and is produced by J-Mac (Ghostface Killah, Cyhi The Prince, Vado). “Everyone can relate to this track,” says T. “Everybody’s been through the fire and everybody’s been through a fight on the way to achieving success. I want this to inspire people to embrace the entire process, obstacles and all, and spark them to chase what they want.”

HEAT! New Jersey Artist: RICKY RUDE, “BE ABOUT IT” f. AR-AB @rudericky @assaultrifleab @brainwavebeats @highdepinition] | Facebook | Instagram

South Jersey rapper Ricky Rude has released his new hard hitting single, “Be About It” featuring Philly’s AR-AB. The two rappers exchange aggressive verses outlining their day to day lives on the Brainwave produced track. “It’s about being who you say you are and standing on your own and being fearless,” explains Rude.


“Be About It” is Available Now! Get it on:

Stream on Spotify:
Google Play:
CD Baby:

New UK Artist: Michaelangelo Kudo – “The Rain @shoshokudoofc

“Music, Melodies & Me” is a unique sounding album that portrays the mindframe of the then 17-year-old Michaelangelo Kudo as well as an exclusive raw insight into his universe. With all the songs written by him and executive produced by Chris Mandiangu (who also played live instruments for “I Love You Girl (For All Time)” such as the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums); this album experiments with all types of genres ranging from pop, R&B to Afro-Soul.

New ATL Artist: Cool Amerika “Movie” ft Cho Cho Dir: Stupid Geniuses @1coolamerika #amg4ever #promovatican

Cool Amerika “Movie” Director by Stupid Geniuses, via Alliance Music Group In association with Empire Distribution. This track is featured on Cool Amerika’s “No Taxes 2” mixtape (no DJ version here:

New Artist: Reese Chubbs & Jaquae- Oh No @reesechubbs @dumpit

The making of a great artist is their ability to tell a good story. Every artist has a story to tell. Reese Chubbs and Jaquae is ready to they his story through all of its bumps and bruises and twists and turns and he tells it well. One listen to him and you will know why he has everyone’s ear.

Check out other reviews at: & ,

New NY Artist: SHORTS, “REALLY GOT IT” @fuckshorts

White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents his freestyle over Jerreau’s “Really Got It” instrumental, with an appearance from Loose. Shorts recently released visuals for his single “Right Now” (watch) from his new EP Long Story Short. Shorts also has released visuals for “Good Space” (watch) and “Money” (watch) as well as freestyles over “Needed Me” (listen) and “100 Racks” (listen).

New TN Artist: AD Dinero- “Like You Know Me” produced by Chase the Great @ADDinero







The Chattanooga, Tennessee music scene has been on a steady up rise since Isaiah Rashad signed to Indy label, TDE. It has allowed other artists with their own unique sound to be discovered and given their own platform. Here we have Chattanooga’s own AD Dinero who comes with the tasteful R&B banger, “Like You Know Me.” Its is currently killing the air waves and in constant rotation on the Chattanooga Peoples radio station Power 94 as well as Chattanooga’s media outlet

In “Like You Know Me” AD Sings over the smooth production of another Tennessee native Chase Tha Great, intern for label Street Execs. AD sings melodic tunes over sultry pianos and is guaranteed to make your head nod. He dives into the explicit details of relationships and how they can be affected by money and experience. But regardless of the approach, the execution lays his own inspiration at the altar of ’90s R&B and hip-hop—there’s a strong sense of identity with AD finding and holding on to a distinct personality that splits his musical perceptions apart and forms a cohesive melodic perspective.

New Artist: @1kingleez & Guce- Shinin on Em

Earlier this year King Leez let loose the featured-studded album Supreme Being that hosted noteworthy verses from Pusha T, Kevin Gates and Raz Simone. Following up that effort this summer, Leez returned with west coast legends Guce and Kokane for the foreshadowing clapper Just That Type from the upcoming collab project Bully Lyfe. Today Leez and Guce follow up with “Shinin On Em.” The 1st Born instrumental taps into a deep, rolling bass canvas and utilizes a hot sample of The Three Degrees “Golden Lady” on the hook between Leez and Guce’s tales of overcoming a myriad of adversities to shine on everyone in their way.

New Artist: Suni MF Solomon- Fake Atlanta S**t @

Suni MF Solomon is a rising female hip hop star, who is quickly making a name for herself in Atlanta competitive independent music scene. After taking time to take her music on tour to New York, North Carolina, New Orleans, and Texas, to promote her mixtape “A Nigga Moment”, Suni MF is BACK with NEW MUSIC! After being featured on Sway in the Morning’s Friday Fire Cypher Suni decided to drop a BRAND NEW HONEST song entitled, Fake Atlanta Shit. In this song Suni speaks on the politics in the Atlanta indie music scene everyone seems to adore. She speaks on how most artist interact with each other, and overall how as a local you’re bound to feel that fake love we all know about but never speak up on. “Some people will be offended some people are gonna feel it” – Suni MF

New Artist: Sno Cold – Fast Money (Producer: No Mercy Records) @snocoldmusic


Sno Cold “Fast Money” , via No Mercy Records.This track delivers hard hitting basslines with clever wordplay. Sno Cold, Florida native is gearing up for her EP release ‘SNO COLD” due some time later this year.

New Artist: Eddie Fish- Trap Godz @Eddy_Fish @2spr

Eddy Fish – “Trap Godz”

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Eddy Fish unveils his brand new single “Trap Godz” to his fans and new fans alike. The hugely anticipated new single “Trap Godz” is poised to be a hit following his popular smash hit single, “Whole Lotta Money ft. Yo Gotti .”

Fans will have the opportunity to have an exclusive first listen to the much-anticipated new single “Trap Godz” from Eddy Fish live with his upcoming East Coast tour and through iTunes.

The new single “Trap Godz” from Eddy Fish is available on SoundCloud.

New Artist: Rhythm Express ft Michael Dunston- The Ghetto

Dowload Album

In the late 60s’ early 70s’ the ghetto was the story along with the war in Vietnam, police brutality, the love generation, – peaceful and violent demonstrations leading to riots in the streets. The nightly news focused the long lens on these neighborhoods, the injustice and the need to properly service and then one day all memory of the areas were erased from the public conscience as television turned its attention to celebrity worship, automobile carnage and sensationalist stories. News coverage went blank as the upper class prospered. It was the oral impressions, the rhythm and poetry of those communities summed up in verse and melody and performed by artist like Don Hathaway, Phyllis Dillon, War, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, and others that documented the struggle and delivered the message community to community, one DJ at a time.





“I wrote ‘Black Lives Matter’ because today some have long forgotten and have created an atmosphere that we can no longer trust. Fifty years ago we marched on Selma, Alabama – today its Ferguson, Missouri, New York, DC, Detroit, world-wide – even here in Toronto. For me, nothing says it better than a song that puts the whole situation on blast, along with Donnie’s back drop – ‘The Ghetto.’ Let’s not forget – Black Lives Matter! – for real,” – Michael Dunston.

Within large urban areas, the American ghettos of the 60’s and 70’s became tenement prisons housing impoverishment African American families and over time dissolved into ancestral encampments.
The term ‘ghetto’ had its beginnings in the Jewish Quarter of Venice in 1516, a place where Venetians insisted Jews live. Between 1880 and 1920 America absorbed wave after wave of ethnic relocation from Southern and Eastern Europe.

These areas were segregated by language, heritage, culture and economic circumstance. The most well-known were New York’s Lower East Side, Little Italy, East Harlem, and Chicago’s South Side – every major American city had settlements promising a new beginning for those fleeing persecution, discrimination, war, and poverty. The black experience centered on northern cities where there was greater liberty and opportunities as many African Americans relocated from the Old South 1914-1950. White America countered with a mass exodus to the suburbs.

Life in ghetto was at times hazardous, creative, communal, and destructive and most times; hopeless. From this came artists, musicians, poets, writers, entertainers, athletes, professionals, criminals – the voices, the leaders who never forgot their roots -in most cases preserving those memories in art, literature and song.

In the late 60s’ early 70s’ the ghetto was the story along with the war in Vietnam, police brutality, the love generation, – peaceful and violent demonstrations leading to riots in the streets. The nightly news focused the long lens on these neighborhoods, the injustice and the need to properly service and then one day all memory of the areas were erased from the public conscience as television turned its attention to celebrity worship, automobile carnage and sensationalist stories. News coverage went blank as the upper class prospered. It was the oral impressions, the rhythm and poetry of those communities summed up in verse and melody and performed by artist like Don Hathaway, Phyllis Dillon, War, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, and others that documented the struggle and delivered the message community to community, one DJ at a time.

Through perilous wars – rising income inequality and the elevation of the one percent the planet has greater swaths of concrete ghettos. The Rhythm Express returns with two profound songs (Women of the Ghetto/The Ghetto), that in their time, spoke eloquently of the hardship, danger and futility millions felt tucked out of sight of the well-heeled.

Nearly every country, every tropical island, every region of the planet has constructed barriers shielding the money makers from the underclass. Artificial ghettos flourish and will continue to oppress, diminish and deny unless we recognize the existing hardships and learn to share and care and face this with compassion, education, mediation and universal action.

Michael Dunston has long revered singer/songwriter Don Hathaway. In 1970 Hathaway released one of the seminal recordings of the times, “Don Hathaway Live,” recorded at Greenwich Village’s, The Bitter End. It’s was the near seven minute Latin/jazz treatment to Hathaway/Leroy Hudson’s, “The Ghetto” that played street to street, neighborhood to neighborhood – a declaration of pride and resourcefulness. Dunston reshapes the two chord jam by penning original lyrics that reflect not only Hathaway’s times but the episodes of police brutality 2015 in Ferguson, Missouri, Dallas, Tulsa, Quinlan, Texas, New Jersey, and South Carolina – state after state.

Black Lives Matter:
“The say that black lives matter but when the man arrives they scatter. Even with their hands up, still shot down and covered up. The only way to keep it real, we need the truth to be revealed. The only way to right the ship, we need a change in leadership. Day after day, night after night, I keep on living this ghetto lie. From coast to coast, nation to nation, the ghetto screams of frustration. If you live in my skin, you’ll never figure out the groove I’m in. If you try to walk in my shoes, and take a wrong step, you’re bound to lose. Let’s be clear, not hesitate, been down to long, no time to waste. Mother’s crying – sons are dying. Fathers broken – they give up trying. I know one day, we will overcome. And we’ll break this ghetto down, one by one. In the ghetto you have to be strong. Show a sign of weakness and you’ll be long gone. “

Both sides feature arrangements/production and keyboard work by Bill King, drums – Everton ’Pablo’ Paul, guitar/engineer – Shane ‘Shaky J’ Forrest, bass/artwork design – Jesse ‘Dubmatix’ King. The Ghetto features a splendid horn section with a riveting trumpet solo from William Sperandei – Christopher Butcher trombone and Bobby Hsu alto sax, percussion by Everton Paul and Jorge Luis Torres. Recorded at Side Door Records.

The Ghetto: Writer(s): Donny Edward Hathaway, Leroy Hutson, Alfred Eaton, Todd Anthony Shaw, Donny Hathaway –

Copyright: Universal Music – Z Tunes LLC, Kuumba Music, Peer International Corp., Universal Music – Z Songs, Don-pow Music, Universal Music – Mgb Songs.

Black Lives Matter: Writer/Publisher – Michael Dunston – SOCAN

New EDM Artist: Juan Donovan (@juandonovan) – “Vertigo” @juandonovan

Producer/DJ Juan Donovan delivers an EDM smash, with his new single “Vertigo”. Filled with a ton of energy, smooth synch notes, thumping bass, and a sultry female lead on vocals, “Vertigo” is a must have for DJs, party goers, and music lovers of all kinds!

New Artist: Polar – “That Ain’t No Money” feat. Gucci Mane @I_AMPOLARBEAR @gucci1017

Brand new music from Chicago’s own Polar “That Ain’t No Money” featuring Gucci Mane. “New heat from me, and the #1 Trap God of the south Guwop ya digg! We making history with this one, its a timeless record and it will be around no expiration date on this one, cause who don’t wanna get money and stunt and show these haters how real Bosses get down!” says Polar. In 2015 Polar had everyone going crazy with his iPhone Twerk’n single, lookout for the “That Ain’t No Money” video coming soon.

New UK Artist: Fabian Secon- Don’t Disturb (EP) @FabianSecon

British singer-songwriter Fabian Secon has released his debut EP entitled Don’t Disturb, available now as a free download on Soundcloud.

The 5-track EP is glued together by Fabian’s hypnotic vocal quality and tone, putting the listener in a “Don’t Disturb” zone. A deep focus and chill progressive R&B feel, with production courtesy of Nyge, BeatBoss, Lucas Secon and Fabian himself.

Don’t Disturb EP sets up his next wave, as Fabian is currently in Toronto already working on follow-up EP’s with the likes of Wondagurl,‎ 5ive, ill-e, CVRE and many others.

New Artist: Dominique Marogani – Green @DMAROGANI @virdiko #teambiggarankin #promovatican

Green Front Cover

GREEN brings a more dynamic account of Marogani’s lifestyle. With a highly charged delivery, raw and descriptive at times accompanied by Metro Boomin stellar effort on the boards.

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New Artist: Esohel- Nacho Usual @Esohel

Esohel releases Nacho Usual featuring Atl’s Kap G along side Chicago bretheren Navarro and Phero with production by PLA, Custom Made and 21 Grams.

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 A3C Festival [Schedule & Line-Up] 

Performers Include: Rick Ross, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Redman and Def Squad’s Erick Sermon & Keith Murray, Bun B, Cam’ron, Too $hort, Austin Millz, Bryan-Michael Cox, Chase N. Cashe, Cormega, DJ Nabs, DJ Jelly, DJ Toomp, K.A.A.N., Kelechi, Kid Capri, Lowkey, Mr. DJ, OJ Da Juiceman, Planet Asia, Rapper Big Pooh, Bahamadia, Scotty ATL, Sosamann, Starlito, Smokepurpp, Sy Ari Da Kid, Kweku Collins, J.I.D, Tall Black Guy, Zoey Dollaz and HUNDREDS MORE STILL TO BE ANNOUNCED.
A3C Conference [Schedule & Line-Up]
Speakers Include: Anthony Saleh (Freebandz), Brandon Hixon (De La Soul), Justin Boland (Pandora), YesJulz (YesJulz Agency), James Andrews (SMASHD Group), James Cuthbert (Sprite), Ryan Leslie (Artist/Entrepreneur), Too $hort, Mike McGarry (Fitzgerald & Co.), Aaron Reid (Epic Records), Shanti Das, Corey Smith (MLB), Jonathan Mannion (Photographer), William Warren Jr. (Mitchell & Ness), Steve DiCecco (Reebok), Kameron Dabney (Dailymotion), Fab 5 Freddy, Bassel Naaman (DASH RADIO), Demont Callender (AM Only) Vanessa Satten (XXL Magazine), Organized Noize, Maurice Garland (Hip Hop Wired), Ernie Talbert (Under Armour), Jeff Sledge (Atlantic Records), Brian Young (The Shade Room), Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse, Keinon Johnson (Interscope Records) and Joshua “Hip-Hop” Kyambo and DOZENS MORE STILL TO BE ANNOUNCED.

New Artist: Poppa – Fall Off ft Scrill White @boss6security #teambiggarankin #coredjs #coolrunningdjs #coast2coastdjs #thatboypoppa #duval #jacksonville #florida

Youtube Embed Code:

Team Bigga Rankin & BOSS Security proudly present Jacksonville Florida’s very own “Poppa”. With his Bigga Rankin Hosted mixtape “That Boy Poppa” Est. 2000 on the horizon the time has come to give the people the 1st single, “Fall Off” produced by and featuring Scrill White.

New Artist: Straight Piracy Productions Presents… Young Balli “Oh Please” @young_balli @virdiko #teambiggarankin #promovatican

New Artist: JULiA LEWiS x Jarell Perry – Love You Down @thejulialewis @jarellperry

LA singer-songwriter Jarell Perry has teamed up with Bay Area bred beat-maker Julia Lewis to rework the classic 90s hit Love You Down (originally released by 80s R&B band Ready for the World and later popularized in dance clubs by INOJ). The song maintains it’s instantly recognizable melody with Perry’s rich vocal, while the Julia Lewis production leaps straight into the future. Bass heavy nods and trap-style flair keep things fresh through to the end, where you’re bound to mash the repeat button – whether you’re there for the nostalgia of the 90s or for the sounds of tomorrow. This Norcal-Socal collaboration blends both in a beautiful way.


If you are looking for A3C passes for the low contact me at

New Artist: Trel Mack – Taking Chances ft. Fru @trelmack @fruishere

Trel Mack is back again with more content for his fans. Still promoting his EP “Night Before the Dawn”, he was also featured on rising DMV rapper Fru project “Polished Misfit”,

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New Artist: Fabian Secon – “Looking For The Old Me” (feat. Kevin Clarke) @FabianSecon @KevinxClarke

This chill, beat driven and moody guitar sample driven record features rising progressive R&B singer from LA – Kevin Clarke, who buzzed online earlier this year with ‘Kiss Of Life’. They connected online after Kevin heard Fabian Secon’s, Splurgeboys assisted, “Fallin” and Fabian discovered Kevin Clarke’s “Kiss Of Life” on soundcloud. A mutual appreciation led to “Looking for The Old me”. The record is about soul searching for the person he was when they first met, combating the inevitable complacency in relationships. Fabian’s raw warm tone contrasts well with Kevin’s airy, floaty, Sade-esque delivery. P‎roduced by Lucas Secon and Fabian Secon.


Contact me at for passes

New Reggaeton Artist: Dominican Born Duo El Duo Perfecto-“Tanto Dano”


Biography: “El Duo Perfecto” consists of Robin Cepeda and Anthony Jimenez both Dominican decent. This duo is known for their infectious musical fusions and great talent that stands out not only on gender, but beyond. Note that these young artists just twenty one years of age. They write their own songs that bring a fresh new sound with “clean” lyrics. Today debuting their newest single “Tanto Daño” which Premiered on Mtv3 and Nbc Universo.

Last year “Me Tiene Confundido” featuring “El Super Nuevo” Produced by hit maker “Chael” in the Dominican Republic became a instant hit. Previous songs like “Aqui Estoy Yo” also featured May of 2015 on MTV3. All songs were mixed by A&X which are known producers of “Don Omar

Back in 2014 “El Duo Perfecto” caught the attention of “Jotan Afanador” the official drummer of “Romeo Santos”. Jotan heard the songs of the duo and wanted to be part of their new project by adding live drums and co-producing their first debut album titled “Subelo”, most songs from the album played in several concerts of “Romeo Santos” worldwide . The single “Nadie Como Tu” reached the top 40 in Latin tropical Charts. They have performed in major hispanic television shows in Miami such as “Despierta America”, “Accesso Total”, etc. On April 2015 the Duo traveled to the Dominican Republic and performed on live hit television shows such as “De Extremo a Extremo”, “Divertido Con Jochy”, “Qtv” and “La Belleza es Mia” that are seen in Europe and all Latin America. They also have been awarded and nominated by locals “Premios Too Much”, and “Premios Hondumex” Let it be known that Sony Music has an interest in this young duo. This talented duo is set to take Latin America by storm like no other duo in the history of latin music.


Reach me at atlgravity12@gmail for passes

New Artist: SUPAWAVE OSBOURNE, “LEFT SHOES” @supawaveosbourne (Contact me for A3C ( Tickets for the low at

Brooklyn, New York emcee SupaWave Osbourne presents the midnightpatrolfilm-directed music video for “Left Shoes”, his new single produced by Wale collaborator Best Kept Secret of Flawless Tracks. “Left Shoes” will appear on The Mandela Effect, SupaWave’s forthcoming album dropping in 2017. Representing Brooklyn’s Bushwick and Flatbush sections, SupaWave has collaborated with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and Copywrite, and has shared the stage with the likes of MF DOOM, Sean Price and Machine Gun Kelly. Regarding the song, SupaWave says “Growing up I always was into skateboarding and hung out with skateboarders whom anyone who knows them would agree, are relentless pranksters. And, I’m just giving descriptions of my personality by saying that if we were friends I’d be the type to sleep over at your house and wake up, hide all your left shoes on you and then leave before you wake up.”

New Miami Artist: LEX ONE- “I’M SORRY” @lexonegtps (Contact me for A3C ( Tickets for the low at

LexOne ImSorrySingle

Miami-based rapper/producer Lex One presents “I’m Sorry”, the new single from his album Gold Plaque. In celebration of the release, Lex has released a t-shirt and 11×14 print in collaboration with Duane Planes and FAMO, available at The print is 11×14 printed on a high quality pearl textured paper. Lex’s previous single “They Know” was chosen to be on rotation on Shade45 after the callers unanimously voted it in, and Lex was interviewed by Sway on-air (listen). Lex featured on Sidney Samson’s “Riverside” single, which went platinum in the UK (Youtube). Lex’s blog is now independent label GTPS, which recently released his album Gold Plaquefeaturing PR$FIT, Hellz Poet, Lyve Kaos, Mega, Mike Beatz, Lazee, Mr Burns, Simian Frenz and Miss (read Miami New Times’ interview with Lex).

LexOne 9.13.14 0240

For my LA People: RSVP for event with @questionbridge and Actor/ Activists Jesse Williams

Join Us on July 30 at The Underground Museum in Los Angeles for a Special Evening Hosted by QB Producer Jesse Williams. The Event is Free to the Public and will Feature an Engaging and Intimate Conversation with Jesse. Drinks and Food will be Served Throughout the Night. RSVP and Learn More Here:
To Commemorate Question Bridge’s Finale Run and Celebrate Question Bridge’s Induction into the New Smithsonian National Museum for African American History and Culture in DC Later this Year, We’re Hosting this Special Event in Los Angeles. Space is Limited to Attend the Intimate Conversation with Activist and Actor Jesse Williams so Please RSVP for the Event and Arrive Early:
*The Official Event Starts at 7:00 PM. However, the Question Bridge Team is Filming Throughout the Day from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. All Black men are invited to come early to participate in Question Bridge: Black Males
Question Bridge: Black Males is an Innovative Transmedia Project that Facilitates a Dialogue Between a Critical Mass of Black Men from Diverse and Contending Backgrounds and Creates a Platform for them to Represent and Redefine Black Male Identity in America. In September 2016, Question Bridge will be Part of the First Year-Long Exhibition in the New Smithsonian National Museum for African American History and Culture on the Mall in Washington DC. Visit for More Information

New Atlanta Artist: Matt Citron- Tabasco Flows 2 @mattcitronmtz (Contact me for A3C ( Tickets for the low at

The 22 year old Atlanta native, Matt Citron, has begun to make a name for himself as a new artist in the world of Hip-Hop by combining a strikingly bold East Coast flow alongside bright pulsating melodies. With production ranging from New York’s golden age of Just Blaze bangers, to modern future bass and indie electronica inspired records, a distinctly unique sound is what you can expect to find from Matt Citron.

Hip-hop artist Matt Citron is an Atlanta native, but growing up with two New York born parents gave him a distinct and unique style unlike what you may expect from Atlanta’s music scene today. With family ties to jazz, Citron was born with music in his blood, however his first real passion was in basketball. Influenced by his father who used to play in the summer league at the West 4th Street courts, Greenwich Village (also known as “The Cage”), Matt was playing basketball before he could walk, and continued to play through high school and college.

It was in his high shool years that Matt found rap. Listening to artists like Outkast, Ludacris, T.I, and Dipset from a young age, Citron had been writing his whole life, however after hearing some friends freestyling, Matt became wildy inspired right away and decided to try it out himself. It became an outlet of passion, and he would freestyle with his friends after school and at parties often up to 6 hours at a time. After a while Matt started writing down his raps along with freestyling, and rapidly became more involved and interested in hiphop as an art.

After gaining a division one scholarship to play college basketball in South Carolina, the bustling industry that is organized college basketball made it clear to Matt that hip-hop was his primary passion, as he felt himself falling out of love with basketball. He began using all his spare time to write and develop songs. Feeling like he needed to get back to a big city and with such strong ties to New York, Matt Citron transferred to Adelphi University, Long Island, a mere 30 minute train ride to Penn Station in the heart of Manhattan. This began somewhat of a double life for Citron between basketball and music, as still on a scholarship Matt would often make trips into the city to immerse himself in the hip-hop scene as much as he could without the knowledge of his coaches. At the end of his first year Matt got hit in the eye during a pickup basketball game. This resulted in a torn retina and although he returned to Adelphi for one more semester, he could no longer play. As he sat at practices and games waiting for his eye to fully recover, watching his teammates play, the realisation that basketball was no longer his calling became more and more evident. Choosing to move back to Atlanta, Matt Citron became deeply involved in his music and decided to fully pursue a career in music. Shortly after his return, Matt was introduced to legendary Atlanta hip hip radio DJ, Greg Street, by good friend and iconic artist Gilbert Young.

Right away Greg Street fell in love with Matt’s distinctive sound and started working extremely closely with Matt to help him build a name in the music industry.
Already with cosigns from names such as Greg Street, DJ Khaled, Just Blaze, DJ Drama, and Busta Rhymes Matt Citron is beginning to carve a name for himself in the world of hip-hop.

New Hawaiian Artist: Taz Vegas- Brother for the people @tazvegas (Contact me for A3C ( Tickets for the low at

It looks like the group from the Big Island, Positive Motion, (“Take You Higher,” “Singing The Blues,” “Sweet Misery”) is finally back and this time their new smash hit “Talking” will definitely have people talking all throughout the summertime season!

With catchy hooks, a great message, amazing vocals, and sweet production “Talking” is a song that is magnetic, energetic and


It’s been a while since we heard from Positive Motion and I think that once you hear their new song you will agree that it was worth the wait!




HOT MIX: UK Best Kept Secret: DJ Compton McDonald : Sheets Urban Radio Show 7/16/16 (Contact me for A3C ( Tickets for the low at

Another chance to hear some quality urban goodness from the world of RnB, Rap & Club as hosted by the UK’s Best Kept Secret… Click relevant link above for TrackList… Time-limited download available here –>

SahLence – Groove Me

CVIRO & GXNXVS – Problem

Donae’O – Polo

Tinashe – SuperLove

AlunaGeorge – Mean What I Mean (feat. Leikeli47 & Dreezy)

Yellow Claw feat. Yade Lauren – Invitation (Original Mix)

Cierra Ramirez Ft. Casey Veggies & Honey C – Faded

Casper & B. – New Phone Who Dis feat. Pell

Ryan Stylez – Down (feat. Sage the Gemini)

Isac Elliot – Wishful Thinking

Raw Blue- Cant Sleep On U Feat. Tory Lanez

Devvon Terrell & William Singe – Controlla (Remix)

Drashia Marche – Tempo

Damond Blue Ft. Wale – Give It To You (Remix)

Kent Jones feat. Pitbull & Lil Wayne – Don’t Mind (Remix)

Fifth Harmony – Voicemail

Luke Christopher – Day Dreams

Lyan Ft Mumzy Stranger – Lost Without Your Love (Mujhe Neend Na Aaye Remix)

Ace Hood – American Dream

Ty Dolla $ign – Campaign (ft. Future)

Zuse – Set It Off

Skate Maloley – Perkys Calling Remix

Ace Hood – She Loves Ft. Fabolous


PnB Rock – Just Wanna Come Back

TJ Boyce – H Town Chick

Chris Brown ft. Tyrese – Back To Sleep (Remix)


TJ Bridges – WaGwan

Tish Hyman ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Fabolous – Dreams

Rami x Mickey Shiloh – GPS


DJ Carnage Ft. Young Thug & Shakka – Don’t Call Me


Tona – Grime Date ft. Skripture

Dusky feat. Wiley – Sort It Out Sharon

Benny Benassi – Pandemonium (feat. FATHERDUDE)

Ducko McFli Ft. ForteBowie & Mike Floss – If You Want Me

Rockie Fresh – Call Me When Its Over (ft. Chris Brown)

KDA Ft. Tinashe – Just Say

Aston Merrygold – I Aint Missing You

Benny Benassi – I Keep Running (Ft. Sheare)

Sophie Cotterell & Only Jack Jones – Champagne Lips (VIP Mix)

Sauce Lord Rich ft B.o.B. – All Te Way

Dreezy – Afford My Love (feat Wale)

Marty Grimes Ft. Rexx Life Raj & YMTK – Animal

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Kool Keith Presents: “Dane Uno – Project Radiation” new mixtape by Dane Uno ft. Kool Keith, Sharkula, Junkaz Lou, Rob Smooth, DJ Phonz, Midwest Da Don, J.D, Goon & Fahim Allah.

“Project Radiation is the truest gem you find listed on white paper in a CD-R case sitting in layer of stacks of jewel cases on 125 Street out front the Apollo awaiting purchase. And you purchase. And it becomes one of the best memories you have of Summer 2016. Just let it come to you” (TMT).

@A3c & Creative Loafing Present SLAM TRUMP MC Battle August 11 @aisle5 in L5P @cl_atlanta (Contact me for A3C ( Tickets for the low at

Making America Hip Hop Again

Hi there,

Atlanta’s best Emcees take on Donald Trump in a night of politically charged rap battles.  If you love Donald Trump as much as we do (*side eye*) then you’re gonna love SLAM TRUMP!

Trump is a ridiculous man with no filter.  I could personally go in on him, but I’ll bite my tongue and let the MCs do that at SLAM TRUMP!  He provides an endless stream of material, so this should make for a very entertaining night.

Thursday, August 11th @ Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points

Doors @ 8pm | Show @ 9 till Midnight



How does the SLAM TRUMP event work?  (Click for More Details)

More upcoming events… We’ll be hosting our second to last A3C Social Club on August 9th, venue TBA.  We are also launching an event series with TuneCore in August, stay tuned for more info coming soon.

NEWS!  We also JUST announced 1996 @ A3C presented by Mass Appeal.  A3C & Mass Appeal will be hosting a series of ‘96 themed events, panels and interviews culminating with the 1996 Show on A3C’s Main Stage, Saturday, October 8th.  The 1996 Show will feature some of ‘96s most iconic artists including: Bone Thugs N Harmony (Midwest), Bun B (South), Too $hort (West), Redman (East) and more TBA.  We thought it was only right to have an artist represented from All 3 Coasts, and the midwest!

We have ONLY just begun announcing 2016 A3C Festival & Conference events, and are preparing for A3C’s biggest year yet.

See you there,

Mike Walbert – A3C Executive Director

New Artist: SteadyFlow (Cyrano Sinatra x SharpCuts) — “Osso Buco” @steadyflow


NC Hip-Hop duo, SteadyFlow (Cyrano Sinatra & SharpCuts) have returned, offering up “Osso Buco,” as the 1st single from forthcoming concept album “Good Eats,” SharpCuts on the boards, with backing from Centric’s Free At Last Music imprint. The title, means “bone with a hole,” in Italian, is used metaphorically as Cyrano Sinatra waxes philosophic about AmeriKKKan injustices, while indicting his region’s “Bible-Belt” biases. Heralded NC poet-artist-organizer Dasan Ahanu joins this collab to channel poetic justice, making “Osso Buco” a delectable first bite of SteadyFlow’s upcoming “soul food” album.