New Artist: Tri!!y & Mac Da Man (Houston, TX) Song: ‘Dripping Sauce’ Producer: B. Grady @Trilly713 @atlgravity @escalatorup



Trilly (stylized as Tri!!y) is the alias of Houston-area rapper Jeremy Bell. His lyrics center around life in the south, high fashion, obtaining success/wealth, and Houston pride, paying homage to great southern rappers who came before, such as Pimp C of UGK, and DJ Screw; preserving the chopped and screwed style that made Houston famous.

An ambitious young MC, Trilly is unafraid to address problems like racial and economic inequality, and speaks with a deep sense of history in songs like “Ballot or the Bullet.” He works with his record label-Grind B4 Shine Music Group and is currently working on a second Defining Moments mixtape(TDMP2).
“Dripping Sauce is a song about living a honest flashy lifestyle after working hard to obtain the things that so many youth around the world desire, eluding to the Grind B4 Shine movement.”