Listen: ROME CEE-BUTTAS/BOOMERANG @baltimoreselite @atlgravity


Rome Cee releases Buttas/Boomerang, a
lyrical homage to 90’s rap giants’ Wu-Tang Clan and Big Pun. The track
actually meshes 2 songs into one, the latter of which ends in a twisted
tale and resurrects the vivid storytelling of rap’s golden age. The song is
not featured on a mixtape and can be streamed/downloaded via Audiomack and
Soundcloud. Feel free to listen, post and share. Thanks.


Shorty fell off of the wagon
Hard to tell y’all, he a failure
But he well off and he bragging
Let him tell it. Hell’s dragons
Came through to ignite the nigga
..make it hot, make it hot
It take two to excite the nigger
vacant lot where his heart used to be
Til he thought saw it all
Gargoyle hard on these bitches Whipping til the water boil
The object of all women attention In districts
Slim and he pimped it, but didn’t rinse it
In women on menses
Intense when he be inching in
A life creator, wife hater
Like paper, and he love ya for one night
He begun nice, and got screwed over
Wit no do-over-either
Til two soldier divas who know he smoking reefer
Set him up wit no retreat, go to sleep
And stole his heart
Woke up a swollen part an said fuck bitches…yeah
But luck switches, get syphyllis
It go down the drain
Taking multiple pills a day
Just to throw down the pain
Karma came and kids too
Now he on number 22
Honest shit and wage garnishment
Y’all know what money do
Kill niggas, stress, slow death
In a whole mess
Real niggas. Just..know it’s a test and can hold they breath
But not yo, dip em with nacho cheese
You wanted him to him to be a father tho
But not your seed
I’m sure he won’t be bother tho
He not goin breathe
When one of his babymothers baby father get free
And you’ll see, a whole web that a little nigga weave for a fatass
And a little bit of weave
Like literally b
Them critters with weed that first snuck into life
Had a daughter that got pregnant by em and nothing was nice.
Its like Godsakes, mother of Christ
It never ends
Catch a hard break or love ya life
Ya better bend


Buttas, Fatigues, Skullies…

Baltimore raven
Johnny Unitas colt style
But the coach now
And I’m haunted by his ghost now
In this ghost town
Where most down
If the criminal element is present in it
Represented poorly, I assure we
Negligent of winning
Never ending innings in o’s, bird
Blending with codes, words
A cold world, if you know thorough
They snort girl up they nose herrs
Froze there on that corner for eternity
And he so scared, niggaz ll get enormous for a murder,g
Surgery out the question
No counting of blessing
Supreme was like a college professor
Recounting our lessons
In 120
But Power and pleasure without all the lectures
it brung in money
And now it’s just extra
I manifest destiny
Plans to invest successfully
In any land or stretch of sea
Many men wish death upon me
via Liquor sex and money
fiat debt stress upon
never dis-ease
Rome Cee said the second coming
would they ever believe, believe

Buttas, Fatigues, Skullies

Drank made out hops
poured in 12 ounce tumblr
saw me on tumblr
guilty on all counts of dumming
on st pattys day with fatty babe with the bigger boobs
niggaz evaluate with hazardous hate on the stick and move
til they fill up bigger shoes from out the pantheon of Gods’ve been rused, fucking with phantoms or mirages
we the real thing at large
aint gotta be hands on, niggaz kill bang and rob
even when offerin the minimum they still take the job
what the fuck has gotten into em
peel his potatoes raw, berate and expose fraud
i see your true colors shining through
a kodak moment
dressed in all black like the omen
you know me, Rome Cee, the little homie
little on me, my presence money
mummy bandage, my raps tights
upon a setting sun. so dont act like
u niggas is doin shit that never been done
when clever doesnt become ya
only option left to run
begun begotten but be gone from these blocks
so so long, see ya later, sayanora, sun hotter than everyone
revolving around the galaxy or this spot
and this my last chance to show the falllacy of your flop
my strategy on top, had to take it back to muddiness
of golden era gully shit
butta fatigues skullies wit it

Baltimore’s Elite