Raider Klan- Tales From The Underground @raiderklan @talesfromtheunderground @atlgravity @spaceghostpurp

Raider Klan - Tales From The Underground Album Download

F*ck Waht They Say ft Nell, Amber London, Key Nyata, Simmie
They Can’t See Me ft Key Nyata Nell
Its Nothing ft Nell, Young Simmie, SpaceGhostPurp
NO Mussel ft Amber London, Doughe, Nell
Feel My fire ft Amber London, Doughe
Ride Wit Me ft Simmie Nell Retro ft SpaceGhostPurp
Smoking Dope ft Nell, Rell, Amber London
Im Grind ft Young simmie, Amber London, Nell, Doughe
We Dangerous ft Young Simmie, Nell, Rell
We go ft Doughe, Key Nyata Movie ft SpaceGhostPurp, Key Nyata
In This thank ft Young Simmie, Amber London
Underground Gods ft Rell Dhoughe
Goin In ft SpaceGhostPurp, Junko, Doughe, Nell,Rell, Amber London

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