Check Them Out: MdotforMayor – The Pie ft Mibbs & Add-2 @ModelsSuckAlbum @mibbsOE @ADD2theMC @MdotforMayor #ModelsSuck@atlgravity

The ModelsSuckProject continues, with consecutive video releases from MdotforMayor and his Models Suck album. Popular internet rapper Add-2 and Mibbs (of Pac Div) make their respective appearances, all while showcasing drastically different views of Los Angeles. Big “thanks” go out to Lucy’s ( famous restaurant in L.A.) for allowing us to film on location. Also look for the live footage of Mdot, while he was in Turkey visiting his professional basketball player friends Josh Shipp and Jordan Farmer . Directed by @MdotforMayor with assistance from @xaviscorner and produced by “Penthouse” Smarty via Atkboyent. Exclusive artist interviews, behind the scenes footage, studio sessions, etc. can all be viewed @

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