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Race, Race! Artwork(1)Minding Mine Artwork(1)
“Race, Race!” ft. Yonas Michael & Safia is the latest release from MdotforMayor and modelssuckproject. Many people dream of living the “good life”, and becoming “rich” and “famous”. Yonas reminds us these treasures, don’t come without tremendous sacrifices… Earned usually through years of hard work and dedication, as well as countless hours of touring, promoting, practicing and preserver-ring, which are great because they gradually separate you from the competition…
“Race, Race!” will be apart of Yonas Michael’s upcoming album, Black Swan Theory. Production courtesy of @MdotforMayor and mixed by Jhair Lazo via Muse Recording Studio and the Penthouse Recording Studio. Exclusive artist interviews, behind the scenes footage, studio sessions, etc. can all be viewed @

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