Check Them Out: High Hopes Band- High Hopes EP 2013 #reggae @atlgravity @highhopesband


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The High Hopes Band release their self-titled EP on July 23rd 2013 through The High Hopes Band have spent the last two years touring the Northeast as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands. High Hopes Band EP release holds true to their claimed influence of 70’s reggae.

The EP drives forward with the excellent songwriting and catchy rootical hooks. The EP features a diverse spectrum of Reggae sounds, from the pining of Sebastian Franks‘ “Sucka” and “Brown Rice” to the laid back R&B influenced feel of, “So Good”.

NY Social Status has said “Based on sheer music production alone, the members of High Hopes Band are definitely operating on the same frequency, and it’s such a pleasant one. Check them out. Or don’t. You can explain that mistake to your eardrums later.”

High Hopes is releasing the EP independently on their own label, Straight Forward Records. The EP is available from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and many other online stores. Regarding the EP project, Jason Dick, singer & guitarist states, “It’s been about the relationships with people and really understanding that music is a whole other realm,” he explains. “Being in music is like being in another realm itself. For each individual person it’s just a bonding experience, especially when you get a group of people together that have the same frequency.”

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