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James Wonder
Producer/Film Maker/Actor
James Wonder A.K.A. Angelo Jefferson was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and then he moved up to Harlem when he was around 14 years old. Music has always played a major role in his life as a youth. He grew up observing is older brother, who was a DJ at the time that spun, mixed, and played free-styled urban reggae music. However It wasn’t until he moved to the upper west side housing shelter called (V.O.A) when he discovered one of his true talents as an M.C.

James became aware of his talent when he came across a group of kids who used to freestyle rhymes off the top of their heads, this ability quickly gained the interest of this young man. It wasn’t until he traveled to Japan at the age of 21 when he began to take his talent more seriously.

The social, economical, and cultural conditions that James faced while living in Japan were extremely difficult for him. He was homeless, had no one he could truly call his friend, and a huge language barrier that consistently caused issues on a day to day basis. The difficult problems that James  faced made him gain a certain connection with his Lord, which gave him the determination and will power to become the person he is today.
I came to Japan with the equivalent of 30 US dollars about 11 years ago. And I slept in Starbucks in the morning then I worked at a night club called “Club Nature” in the heart of Roppongi which is known for being the Mecca for foreigners in Japan.

My ability to communicate with all walks of life gradually made me one of the most outstanding figures in the community. I went from street hustler in New York to a respectable business man in Japan. My success wasn’t made over night. I now own an English School and Operate multiple businesses which also includes a small talent agency. I have also appeared numerous times on Japanese T.V. and I feel it’s time to show the world my light.  

James wonder!